FRIDAY, AUGUST 3, 2012  9:00 A.M.



    FILE NO. 3456 - 8143 HARDING AVENUE

    The applicant will present a progress report associated with variances granted on August 6, 2010, in order to build a three-story plus rooftop terrace, six-unit residential building and a one (1) year extension of time to obtain a full building permit by February 6, 2013.



    FILE NO. 3387 - 4343 Collins Avenue

    The applicant is requesting the following modification in order to relocate existing signage with copy reading "Four Points by Sheraton" and its logo on an existing hotel.



    FILE NO. 3582 - 2912 COLLINS AVENUE

    The applicant is requesting the following variances in order to permit the construction of an all-valet surface parking lot

    Applicant requested continuance to the September 7, 2012 BOA meeting.



    FILE NO. 3586 - 4300-4332 Collins Avenue, MIAMI BEACH

    The applicant is requesting the following variance in order to permit the removal of the partially constructed residential units on the third to the fifth floors of the building facing Indian Creek Drive and replace them with additional parking spaces.


    FILE NO. 3587- 4218 Collins Avenue

    The applicant is requesting the following after-the-fact variance in order to permit the retention of an existing temporary surface parking lot.



    The applicant is requesting the following variances in order to permit the construction of a one-story structure at the south of the property.



    This case has been withdrawn by the applicant.



    The applicant is requesting the following variances in order to permit the construction of an addition to an existing single family home.


    FILE NO. 3593- 4221-4229 PINETREE DRIVE

    The applicant is requesting the following variance in order to place a monument sign located on a perimeter wall.



    FILE NO. 3565 - 1201, 1225, 1237 20TH STREET

    (Case continued from May 4, 2012 hearing)  File No. 3565 APPEAL:  1201, 1225, 1237 20th Street - MAC SH, LLC, is appealing to the Board of Adjustment under City Code §§ 118-136 & 118-352 administrative determinations by the Planning Director concerning the application by Palau Sunset Harbor, LLC for Conditional Use approval for a 5-story mixed use structure consisting of approximately 50 residential units and 13,056 +/- square feet of commercial space, with mechanical parking lifts, located at 1201, 1225, and 1237 20th Street, in the CD-2 Commercial Medium Intensity zoning district.  The appeal contends that: 1) The schematic diagrams submitted showing a conventional parking alternative as required by  §130-38 do not meet the required setbacks of the Land Development Regulations (LDRs), the proposed off-street loading location is not in compliance with the LDRs, and do not meet the required buffering of parking spaces, pursuant to §142-308, all requiring variances,  and therefore the use of mechanical parking systems is not permitted; 2) Required notice was not properly posted on the site 30 days prior to the scheduled February 28, 2012 public hearing; 3) The application was not complete 30 days prior to the January 24, 2012 public hearing, 4) The Planning Board meetings of March 27, 2012 and April 24, 2012 were held without proper notice pursuant to the The Citizen's Bill of Rights, (A)(6) of the City Charter,  § 118-193 of the Miami Beach Code, and Article III, § 1. B., Miami Beach Planning Board By-Laws; and 5) The April 24, 2012 Planning Board meeting was held 28 days after the March 27, 2012 Planning Board meeting, when the matter was continued for 30 days.


    FILE NO. 3585 - 901, 909, 919 COLLINS AVENUE

    Sherbrooke Apts., Inc./Mitchell Scott Investment Group, Inc., is appealing under Section 118-136 of the City Code an administrative decision of the Planning Director which denied the proposed transfer of Floor Area (FAR) for a project at 901, 909, and 919 Collins Avenue to the Board of Adjustment.  The Administrative Determination, dated April 10 2012, determined that a proposed unification of three subject properties through the use of the proposed Covenant in Lieu of Unity of Title is not a true "unified development site" as required by Section 118-5, and the proposed construction of a rooftop addition on the Sherbrooke Apartments through the use of a transfer of development rights does not conform with the applicable Charter provision 1.03(c) or the Land Development Regulations.



    September 7, 2012


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