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    The 21st Street Recreation Center auditorium is available for rent in 4 hour blocks of time at the following prices.

    Rental Fees
    Single event plus Tax (Day or Night).
    If you are going to have Entertainment or Catering at your party, the vendors need to have an Insurance policy and Worker’s Compensation.

    Residents No Admission: $300
    Residents Admission: $600
    Non-Residents No Admission: $400
    Non-Residents Admission: $700
    Events lasting over 4 hours will be charged an additional $30/hour for residents and $60/hour for non-residents.

    All of the above rental rates do not include applicable tax, janitorial, insurance, and other direct costs. A fee of $35 per hour per employee (minimum of 4 hrs.) assigned to the event will be paid to the City of Miami Beach. The number of employees required at your event will be determined by the Parks & Recreation Department.

    Rentals may not be available during regular operating hours.

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