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    Insurance Criteria
    • One million dollar liability insurance certificate must state the following: "The City of Miami Beach is
      an additional insured".
    • In the box labeled certificate holder, the following must appear:
        City of Miami Beach, c/o Risk Management
    1700 Convention Center Drive
    Miami Beach, Florida 33139
    • Vendors must have Workman's Compensation. If vendor do not have, they must provide a letter on
      company letterhead stating that they are not required because they have less than three (3) employees.
      Letter must also specify date, time and location of party / event. No rental will be permitted without proper
    • Insurance certificate must be faxed to 305-861-3620 two weeks prior to party / event. Parties / events will 
      not take place without approved insurance. It is the responsibility of the renter and vendor to verify that 
      the insurance has been approved.
    • Clowns, magicians and food vendors that are bringing prepared foods are not required to submit
    Staffing Fees  
    • $140 (up to 4 hours) $35 each additional hour 
    • Holidays $200 ( up to 4 hours) $ 50 each additional hour
    • Number of staff required to be determined by supervisor
    Baseball / Softball Field (4 hours)
    • Resident No Admission Day: $150 + tax   
    • Resident Admission Day: $250 + tax    
    • Resident No Admission Evening: $250 + tax  
    • Resident Admission Evening: $500 + tax 
    • Non-Resident No Admission Day Time: $300 + tax 
    • Non-Resident Admission Day Time: $500 + tax 
    • Non-Resident No Admission Evening: $500 + tax
    • Non-Resident Admission Evening: $700 + tax 
    • Non-Resident Admission Evening: $700 + tax 

    Rental rates include field marking (except holidays and weekends), An additional fee of $100 will be charged for any events taking place on weekends or holidays requiring field markings. All of the above rental rates do not include applicable tax, janitorial, insurance, and other direct costs. Rentals may not be available during regular operating hours.

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