Ellen Vargas
    Ellen Vargas is a product of the City of Miami Beach Parks and Recreation Department. After moving to Miami Beach from New York, Ellen attended Crespi Park and North Shore Park. Ellen attended Florida State University as a music major and later changed to Parks and Recreation. She spent her summers working for the City of Miami Beach Parks and Recreation Department, so choosing a major she enjoyed came easy to her. “I love coming to work every day. Working with children is the best career anyone could ever ask for." Ellen has worked for the City of Miami Beach for over 24 years. She is fortunate to have called Scott Rakow one of her best friends. “I am grateful to work in a building named in his honor. He was and will always be remembered as someone who had a passion for helping people."


    Willy Priegues
    Willy Priegues has been a proud member of the Parks and Recreation family since 1994 working both athletics and after school programs at numerous recreation sites. In 2005, Willy developed the Miami Beach Teen Club at the North Shore Park Youth Center. The Miami Beach Teen Club, which is now partially funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice has two sites, the North Shore Park Youth Center and the 21st Street Recreation Center.  Willy continuously partners with numerous organizations to promote awareness on Drug & Gang Prevention, teenage pregnancy, fitness and nutrition, and the general well-being of the youth in the City.


    Ellen Vargas, Parks Facility Manager
    P: 305-673-7767, F: 786-394-5451


    Willie Priegues, Supervisor I
    P: 305-673-7784, F: 786-394-5436

    Cathy Gonzalez, Recreation Leader II
    P: 305-673-7784

    Eddie Lara, Recreation Leader II
    P: 305-673-7784

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