• Construction Parking Management Plan

    On February 11, 2015, the City Commission adopted Ordinance 2015-3922 amending Chapter 106 of the City Code in order to require a Construction Parking Management Plan (CPMP) as part of the building permit process.  All construction projects with a value of $250,000 or higher require an approved CPMP in order to obtain a building and/or grading and shoring permit. 

    The purpose of the CPMP is to reduce construction employee vehicle parking impacts related to the proposed construction; contain construction related parking to project site and areas approved by the City; reduce construction noise impacts to the greatest extent technically and economically feasible; and minimize off-site dust and air quality impacts per best management practices.

    See link below for information on obtaining your building permit:

     Click here to obtain your building permit      

    Once your building permit is in the system you can submit your CPMP application for review by the Parking Department. 

    The application may be downloaded from the link below.

    Construction Parking Management Plan Application   

    Click here for the Construction Parking Management Plan Application    

    It is important that you provide all the required documentation (listed below and on the application) in addition to filling out the CPMP form.  The following information is required:

    For on-site parking:
    A site plan drawing showing the following:
    On-site parking spaces (minimum 8.5’x18’ per parking space)
    Entrance and exits to the construction site
    Fencing (if any)
    Material staging areas

    For off-site parking:
    Location of off-site parking.
    Proof of lease or written approval from the off-site parking property owner.
    Transportation plan showing how employees will get to and from jobsite from off-site parking location.

    Please be advised that city owned parking facilities and on-street metered parking locations will not be considered a proper parking area for construction employees, subcontractors or contractors. These locations may only be used for loading, deliveries and supplies and are handled separately via our space rental program.

    Click here for the space rental program 

    Please email the completed application with the supporting documents to constructionparking@miamibeachfl.gov

    For further details regarding ordinance 2015-3922 please click on the link below.

    Click here for ordinance 2015-3922 


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