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    The On-Street Division coordinates the activities associated with traffic engineering, on street metered parking and parking enforcement programs. All regulatory functions, including signage, residential and valet parking programs are supervised in this Division.

    The zone on your permit must match the zone on the Residential Permit Parking sign in order for you to park there.

    A residential permit DOES NOT exempt you from any posted parking regulations, yellow safety zones, obstructing sidewalks, nor does it guarantee you a parking space.  All posted and public safety regulations must be observed, including restrictions for parking meters.

    The permit is not transferable from vehicle to vehicle. The permit can only be used on the vehicle it is issued to and must be permanently affixed to your front windshield, lower corner, driver's side. Vehicles with permits taped or not properly affixed will be cited. If you change vehicles or your license plate, you must apply for a replacement permit and return the old permit.  In the case of a stolen permit, you must provide us with a police report for the stolen vehicle.

    Replacement of the permit will require presentation of a government issued photo identification, a police report, if applicable, the old permit and verification in the Residential Parking Program Computer System that you were a valid decal holder. The fee for a replacement permit is $7.50.

    Lost or stolen visitor passes cannot be replaced under any circumstances. 

    Visitor passes are for the accommodation of short term visitors only and must be prominently displayed.  Failure to display visitor passes may lead to enforcement action, up to and including impoundment. Kindly review the message on the back of your visitor pass. The parking department requests that the intention of the visitor pass program be honored, in order not to jeopardize the program.

    Parking and Code Enforcement requests may be reached at 305.604.4785 or 305.604.CITY.

    To check for citation status, click here.

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