Parking Logo The Parking Department is the single largest provider of parking in the City, serving resident, commercial, and tourist/visitor parking needs.

    The department is comprised of three divisions (administration, on-street, and off-street). The department manages and operates 66 surface parking lots and 10 garages, including the recently constructed, Sunset Harbor Garage on 1900 Bay Drive. There are 17 residential parking permit zones citywide. In addition, the department has a public safety duty to ensure parking regulations are adhered to through its parking enforcement unit.

    Initiative and technology enhancements will include pay by license plate multi-space pay stations for on-street and surface parking lots, pay-on-foot stations at garages, Bike Sharing program with Deco Bike, Car Sharing program with Hertz 24/7, ParkMe mobile parking app, and an electric vehicle charging station program. We are currently pursuing Pay by Phone services and expect implementation to be completed in the near future. If you have any questions, please call the parking hotline at 305-673-PARK.

    Our Mission: "We are dedicated to providing clean, safe, and affordable parking with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction."

    Our Work Plan Citywide Hybrid Program

    ** Ipark Device Discontinued by Manufacture  

    Comming Soon: Phone App makes parking in Miami Beach easier than ever!

    NEW! "Park Smart" and Stay Safe in Miami Beach

    NEW! Online Access Card Payments *NOTICE: Please review our Policies & Disclaimers before proceeding

    NEW! Parking Flood Relief Program 


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