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    Miami Beach

    There are four divisions available to assist you and your neighborhood with quality of life issues: Code Compliance,the Community Resource and Outreach Team, the Office of Community Services, and Housing and Community Development.More


    “We are dedicated to being responsive to the needs of the neighborhoods by providing the highest quality of service and ensuring customer satisfaction.”



    The goals and objectives of these divisions are to build neighborhood capacity, redesign public services and create a sense of community.

    1. Building Neighborhood Capacity

    When people organize and become more knowledgeable about how government works, they can help meet their community’s needs. Their energy and creativity combined with other public and private resources will create a diverse group working together in each neighborhood to mobilize new assets and generate positive change.

    2. Redesign Public Services

    The people who live and work in a neighborhood are excellent judges of their neighborhood’s priorities, opportunities and needs. More

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