Outreach Team - The Community Resource & Outreach Team works closely with the City’s operational service departments to coordinate enhanced delivery of City services in a manner that is responsive to the specific needs and requests of neighborhoods throughout the City.  By reaching out to and interacting with homeowners, condominium associations, civic groups, residents, business owners and other internal city departments, the Division’s Community Resource Coordinators provide responsible, timely and results-oriented customer service.  Working together with the community, the Coordinators identify needs, conceive and implement solutions, and develop, facilitate and implement new public and/or private enhancement programs.

    The Community Resource  & OutreachTeam is your neighborhood’s 'inside connection' to city information and resources. Designed as a way to foster stronger city/neighborhood relationships, the Outreach Team operates through a 2 member team of city staff. The Outreach Team is responsible for seeing that citizens and local businesses receive the best possible customer service from the City of Miami Beach.  To learn more view our WORKPLAN.

    Outreach Services

    Our friendly efficient and responsive staff can connect you to the information and resources you need. Be sure to call when you:
    • Want to form a neighborhood association;
    • Want a connection to city staff or resources;
    • Wonder how to get more involved with your city and neighborhood;
    • Want help resolving a neighborhood issue or concern;
    • Need information and don't know where to find it.
    • Hurricane preparation Information
    • Volunteer efforts and events

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