• Miami Beach Visitor Safety Tips

    Hotels & Guests 

    Every effort is made to ensure you have a safe visit, nonetheless, we encourage you to follow these simple tips:

    • For help in an emergency, dial 911 from any telephone.

    • Bring only necessary valuables when traveling. Valuables that you do bring should be secured in your hotel safe.

    • Always lock all doors while in your hotel room. Use the safety chain for extra security.

    • Keep your room key in a safe place on your person when at a hotel swimming pool, bar or dining room.

    • Use a map to plan your route before venturing away from the hotel - or consult your hotel's front desk for assistance and directions.

    • When leaving your vehicle, be sure to lock all doors. Lock any valuables in the trunk, glove box or luggage compartment so they are out of sight. Remember that the extreme heat of closed vehicles may damage electronic equipment or film.

    • Be alert when walking through parking lots. Avoid people who make you uncomfortable, as well as areas without sufficient lighting. Travel with a companion in the evening.
    • Drink plenty of water when spending time outdoors.

    • Wear sunscreen.


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