Photo Contest

    Types of Images / Editing
    Images should be submitted as JPEG files. The original content of the image captured may not be changed or augmented. Removal or addition of subjects or objects is not permitted. Extreme computer manipulation is not permitted.The following minor computer adjustments are allowed:

    • Resizing and cropping.
    • Adjusting levels, curves, brightness, contrast, and color.
    • Backscatter removal and sharpening.

    If images do not meet the above criteria, or if they are not consistent with the category description, they will not be considered for judging. Photographers who submit a photograph that is rejected may be notified and permitted to resubmit a conforming photograph (time permitting), which must be received before the contest deadlines.

    In order to join the LIKE2LOVE MIAMI BEACH Photo Contest group on Flickr, you agree to the below rules, listed on the Flickr group page:

    • Only post pictures to this group for which you own the original copyright or are in the public domain.
    • All pictures posted to this group may be used by the City of Miami Beach in its various publications, both print or online (including social media). We will credit you as the photographer on any photo that we use.
    • Only photos depicting the City of Miami Beach will be accepted. We reserve the right to reject submissions to our Flickr group displaying content we deem to be inappropriate or offensive without prior warning. The City of Miami Beach reserves the right to update the Group Rules.


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