Cultural Arts Council Adobe PDF

    Charles Million, Chair
    Dawn McCall, Vice-Chair
    Roger Baumann
    Britta Hanson
    Dale Gratz
    Roger Martin
    Laurence Moser
    Samuel Rabin
    Israel Sands
    Susan Schermer
    Merle Weiss
    George Neary (Honorary)  


    1. How much time are Council members required to participate in the work of the CAC?

    On the average, members actively work an average of 15 to 20 hours monthly on behalf of the Council in various areas of responsibility. Included in this is the requirement to attend a monthly meeting of the Council, generally held the first Thursday of each month except for August, at 9:00 am.

    2. How is this monthly allotment of time allocated in terms of work?
    The CAC regularly works with a large scope of initiatives. These include city-owned Cultural Facilities, Marketing, Budget Planning, and Program Development. Each Council member not only attends a monthly CAC meeting but actively serves on a variety of task forces addressing areas of need.

    3. What is the role of Council members in the annual Cultural Affairs Grant Program?
    Each Council member is required to serve as a panelist throughout the grants process, reviewing and scoring approximately 60 grant applications per year. Participation in this process is mandatory.

    4. What is the relationship between the City Commission and the Cultural Arts Council?
    Council members are appointed by the City Commission following the completion of the CAC’s nominating process. Once appointed, Council members, working with the Cultural Affairs Program staff, are responsible for maintaining a regular communication with the City Commission on the activities and needs of the CAC and Cultural Affairs Program. This is accomplished through regular reports provided by the Council in Commission Meetings and through one-on-one meetings with the Mayor, City Manager, and Commissioners.

    5. What is the relationship between the Cultural Arts Council and the cultural community?
    The CAC is the pre-eminent cultural board in the City of Miami Beach. It is the responsibility of the Council members to regularly attend performances by grantee organizations in order to be informed of their product. It is also the responsibility of the Council members to interact regularly with the community’s cultural leaders to ascertain needs but also to demonstrate support.


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