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    All classified and unclassified employees who make major contributions may be eligible for special awards to be granted annually. The awards period is based on the fiscal year. 

    VALOR AWARD:  For brave and courageous acts performed during or beyond the course of duties. It involves exposure to extreme danger in saving and/or protecting lives and/or property.

    CITY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD:  For specific contributions to the betterment of the Department or City's operations in the form of development of new methods and/or procedures; ideas or suggestions resulting in the saving of  time, labor, and/or money to the City.

    CIVIC AWARD:  For employees who, in addition to valuable contributions to the City service in the nature of continued loyal and efficient performance, have made vital and valuable contributions to community, civic, educational, athletic and/or related fields in the community.

    SAFETY AWARD: For original ideas or suggestions on methods, procedures, or equipment which, when implemented,  resulted in a reduction of on-the-job-injuries, or in the removal or reduction of a substantial safety hazard to employees.

    If you are aware of outstanding acts or deeds by fellow City employees for which you feel recognition  is deserved, you may wish to nominate them for an award. A maximum of one winner and three runners-up may be selected for each category. The awards are $100 U.S. Saving Bonds for each winner and $50 U.S. Saving Bonds for each runner-up. Selections from the nominations will be made by the Personnel Board each year. Applications for nominations are available from the Human Resources Department.
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