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    The Human Resources Department is comprised of the following areas: Employee Benefits, Compensation, Employee Relations, Labor Relations, Recruitment/Testing/Audit and Risk Management areas.

    Employee Benefits is responsible for the coordination of all benefit programs provided and made available to all City employees and retirees.  In addition, the division is accountable for the enrollment of both the employees and retirees, including changes in coverage and termination under the applicable benefit programs, as well as the coordination of the City’s monthly Health and Wellness events in partnership with Humana and Gallagher Consultants.  The division continually identifies opportunities for savings and opportunities to provide value added, cost effective benefit options for the City, its employees and retirees.

    The Compensation area is tasked with accurate and timely processing of compensation changes, tuition assistance reimbursement direct payments, family medical leave approval, leave donation transfers, and all leave and pay adjustments within Human Resources.  Compensation changes consists of the following:  New/Rehires, Promotions, Reclassifications, Transfers, Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA), Merit Increases, Premium Pay Incentives, and  Section 5 Allowances.  The division also conducts all Exit Conferences for separating employees and processes all terminations and resignations in the City, including any Leave Settlement Payouts.  The Compensation Division is the primary supporter of the Human Resources and Personnel Payroll Modules in the Eden Inform Gold Database.  In addition, the division coordinates the City’s responses to Public Records Requests (PRR) for any former or active employee’s employment information or employment files in compliance with the Florida Records Request Statute 119. arrownext 

    To learn more view our WORKPLAN

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