The Housing and Community Services Division administers State and Federal funding to develop decent, safe and sanitary affordable housing and revitalize urban neighborhoods through community and economic development in Miami Beach. The Division has developed and established a variety of housing and community development programs to address the specific needs of the low- and moderate-income residents of Miami Beach as a vibrant, tropical, historic community and is part of the City's Housing and Community Development.


    The mission of the Housing and Community Development Division is to administer funds to develop and help maintain a viable urban community by leveraging federal funds with other monies available to carry out housing and community development programs. As a catalyst for community involvement, the Division works with community-based public and private sector entities and organizations to create jobs, provide public services, create affordable homeownership opportunities, and improve the City's infrastructure and affordable housing stock. These efforts improve the quality of life for residents and stimulate economic vitality. The Division measures its success in these areas through services provided, resources generated, housing units renovated, grant assistance provided, jobs created, and number of capital improvement and infrastructure projects completed.



    The City of Miami Beach is currently accepting public comments on the following items:

    WORK PLAN Work Plan



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