• The City of Miami Beach is taking steps to address growing concerns regarding environmental impacts and changes in the community. The City's Sustainability Committee was formed in July 2007, which provided a community forum to discuss environmental issues within the city.  In 2008, the City Commission added a new Key Intended Outcome (KIO) to the City's Strategic Plan to enhance the environmental sustainability of the community.  Then in the spring of 2009, the City permanently established the Sustainability Committee and codified Chapter 100: Sustainability in the City Code, which is dedicated to sustainable initiatives.

    The role of the Miami Beach Sustainability Committee is to identify and promote policies and practices within the City to help achieve a sustainable environment. We encourage environmental awareness among our residents, employees and business partners to help accomplish our goal of keeping Miami Beach green.

    The Sustainability Committee meets every month at 3:00 p.m. in City Hall (1700 Convention Center Drive, 4th Floor).  This meeting is open to the public.

    Sustainability Committee 2017*
     January 31 Minutes 
     February 28 Minutes
     March 28 Minutes
     April  25 Minutes
     May 30 Minutes
     June 27      Minutes
     July 25 Minutes
     August  No Meeting
     September 26 Minutes
     October 31 Minutes
     November 28 Cancelled
     December  12 Minutes



    Sustainability Committee 2016*
     January 26 Minutes
     February 23 Minutes
     March 29 Minutes
     April  26 Minutes
     May 31 Minutes
     June 28         Minutes  
     July 26 Minutes
     August 30 Minutes
     September 27 Minutes
     October 25 Minutes
     November 29 No Meeting
     December  13 Minutes




    Sustainability Committee 2015
     January 22   Minutes 
     February 26 Minutes
     March   No Meeting
     April  23 Minutes
     May 28 Minutes
     June 23                        Minutes             
     July 16 Minutes
     August 27   Minutes
     September No Meeting
     October 22 Minutes
     November  19 Minutes
     December  17 No Meeting

    Sustainability Committee 2014
    January 21   Minutes
    February No Meeting
    March No Meeting
    April No Meeting
    May 22 Minutes
    June 26                        Minutes             
    July 24 Minutes
    August 28    Minutes
    September 25 No Meeting
    October 30 Minutes
    November    No Meeting
    December    No Meeting


    Sustainability Committee 2013
    January 15 Minutes
    February 11 Minutes
    March 12 Minutes
    April 16 Minutes
    May 21 Minutes
    June 18 Minutes
    July 16 Minutes
    August 20 No Meeting
    September 17 Minutes
    October 15 Minutes
    November 19 No Meeting
    December 17 No Meeting


    Sustainability Committee 2012
    January 17   Minutes
    February 28 Minutes   
    March 20   No Meeting
    April 17 Minutes
    May 15   Minutes
    June 19   Minutes 
    July 17   No Meeting
    August 21   No Meeting
    September 20   Minutes
    October 16   Minutes
    November 20   Minutes
    December 18   Minutes



    Sustainability Committee 2011
    January 18  Minutes 
    February 15  Minutes
    March 15  Minutes
    April 18  No Meeting
    May 17  Minutes 
    June 21   Minutes
    July 19   Minutes 
    August 16   No Meeting  
    September 20   Minutes  
    October 18   Minutes  
    November 15   Minutes
    December 20   Minutes 



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