• Past Workshops

    Resilient Miami Beach: A Dialogue with the Dutch
    Wednesday, September 18, 2013

    On September 18, 2013, the City of Miami Beach, the University of Miami, and the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands hosted a one-day seminar that was both free and open to the public. This extaordinary event brought together experts from Southeast Florida and the Netherlands to engage in multi-discipinary discussions designed to explore if, where, and how Dutch approaches to water management, landscape architecture, flood protection, and urban design are relevant in making Miami Beach more resilient.

    To see more information regarding this seminar, visit our Resilient Miami Beach page here!

    National League of Cities Spotlight on Sustainability Leadership: Miami Beach, Fla.
    Tuesday, April 9, 2013

    Overview given on the NLC's official website: 
    "Cities across the country play a critical role in advancing social, economic and environmental sustainability. Their actions support, protect and increase community health, public safety, local economies, community engagement, and natural resources. NLC applauds and celebrates this local leadership during the month of April with a special webinar series highlighting examples of city sustainability leadership from across the country.
    This webinar will provide an overview of city-led sustainability initiatives, including the city’s approaches to the unique challenges of sea-level rise. Presenter Betsy Wheaton, Miami Beach Environmental Resource Manager, will also provide insights into strategies they have found to be effective at maximizing the impact of a small team focused on a wide range of sustainability issues."
    To see the presentation given, click here!

    South Florida Water Management Disctrict Meeting at City Hall
    Monday, February 25, 2013

    Staff from the South Florida Water Management Disctrict (SFWMD) held a public meeting at Miami Beach City Hall. They discussed the impacts of sea level rise on flood protection and water supply. SFWMD staff also discussed their recent trip to the Netherlands.

    Stormwater Management Master Plan and Sea Level Rise Discussion
    Friday, August 17, 2012

    The City hosted a public discussion regarding the City's proposed Stormwater Master Plan.  Representatives from the City's Public Works Department and CDM Smith provided information and answered questions about the sea level rise projection methodology used to prepare the Stormwater Master Plan. Sea Level Rise, Climate Change and Tidal Boundary Condition Investigation
    Learn More:

    Stormwater Master Plan: Appendix H - Sea Level Rise, Climate Change and Tidal Boundary Condition Investigation

    Stormwater Management Master Plan PowerPoint Presentations  

    VIDEO: Stormwater Management Master Plan  

    Growing a Green Restaurant Workshop

    The City of Miami Beach in cooperation with Miami-Dade County held a free workshop for the restaurant industry.  The program was designed to increase the sustainability of restaurants through providing more information on:  

    • Managing and properly disposing of solid waste, oil and grease; 
    • Understanding applicable state and local codes;  
    • Increasing resource-efficiency with energy and water use, raw materials and waste production; and,  
    • Becoming involved in Miami-Dade County’s Green Business Certification and other green business incentives.  

    City of Miami Beach: Growing a Green Restaurant  
    Miami-Dade County - DERM: Grease Management - A Team Approach 
    Miami-Dade County Office of Sustainability:  Green Business Certification Program

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