• Eco-Tourism

    The City of Miami Beach is a unique, urban-coastal City with the Atlantic Ocean to the east and Biscayne Bay to the west.  The warm waters of the Gulf Stream bring fair weather and clear-turquoise waters all year around. In addition, Miami Beach also has a plethora of historical and cultural gems from the Art Deco architecture, to the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens,  to the Bass Art Museum.  Tourists visiting Miami Beach have the ability to not only enjoy the City’s exciting night life but can also enjoy the many activities associated with the City’s natural, cultural, and historic resources.  Eco-Tourism in Miami Beach brings tourists together with the natural environmental, while fostering an appreciation of the community’s abundant resources.

    • Beaches – Over 7 miles of white, sandy beach offer the perfect conditions for sun bathing, swimming, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, and kite surfing.
    • Waterways – Row, kayak, fish the tranquil waterways, lined with mangroves.  
    • Atlantic Green Way Network – Enjoy a walk or a bike ride through the City’s extensive network of bike/pedestrian ways.
    • Artificial Reefs – Come snorkel or dive the shallow reefs accessible from a boat or the beach that offer a diversity of fish and other marine life.
    • Cultural – Art, history, and music come together at the numerous museums and theaters found throughout the City
    • Historical Districts – Take a walking or biking tour to see the famous Art Deco architecture of “America’s Riviera”.

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