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    The Department Work plan is aligned with Citywide strategic outcomes and initiatives established through extensive community input.   The City’s strategic planning process provides a framework at a broad level of where we want to go, how we get there, and how we measure our progress along the way.  The process ensures increased communications at all levels of City government using consistent terms.   

    • Our Citywide Vision communicates the community’s shared vision for the best possible future for the City of Miami Beach:

      Cleaner and Safer, Beautiful and Vibrant, Mature Stable Residential Community with Well Improved Infrastructure, Urban and Historic Environment, Cultural, Entertainment and Tourism Capital, International Center for Innovation
    • Our Citywide Mission statement communicates the role of our government in achieving this vision: 

      We are committed to providing excellent public services and safety to all who live, work, and play in our vibrant, tropical, historic community
    • Our Values communicate to all levels of our organization the manner in which we expect all decisions, interactions and activities to be performed:

      We maintain the City of Miami Beach as a world-class city. 
      We work as a cooperative team of well-trained professionals. 
      We serve the public with dignity and respect. 
      We conduct the business of the City with honesty, integrity, and dedication. 
      We are ambassadors of good will to our residents, visitors, and the business community
    • Our Identified Priorities communicate activities that are essential to help us achieve our vision:

      Capital Improvement Program, Strategic Planning and Economic Development,Organizational Development, Neighborhood Services, and Investment in Technology
    • We have developed Key Intended Outcomes across all City Departments.  These are the results the City plans to achieve towards accomplishing its Vision.  These outcomes are from the customer/community perspective (e.g. quality of service provided, customer satisfaction).
    • Key Performance Indicators express the City’s Key Intended Outcomes in measurable terms.  Departments monitor additional performance indicators (Department Performance Indicators) that support these Citywide Key Performance Indicators.
    • Citywide Initiatives are undertaken by cross-departmental city teams to drive the performance level for a key performance indicator.
    • Department Activities or Programs are actions or groups of actions will be undertaken by a particular department in a specific fiscal year in order to achieve an Outcome.
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