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    Protect the lives and property of the visitors and residents of Miami Beach from the dangers caused by fire, explosives or other hazardous conditions. The Suppression Division shall conduct inspections, public education and firefighter training to mitigate potential losses in the future.


    • Responded to 25,015 calls for service including structure fires, car fires, construction accidents, hazardous materials calls, medical rescue incidents, water rescues, and public assistance calls.
    • Completed National Incident Management System (NIMS) training for all personnel.
    • Completed the integration of a new fire incident reporting system  (New World) in compliance with both state and National Fire Incident Reporting Standards (NFIRS).


    1. Reduce loss of life, injuries, and property damage caused by fire and other hazardous incidents.
    2. Increase the capability, reliability and efficiency of the fire suppression division.
    3. Maintain a quality assurance (QA) program for advanced life support (ALS) fire companies.
    4. Perform public service and increase public awareness by continuing to present education programs.
    5. Implement a comprehensive performance recognition program.
    6. Develop and implement a comprehensive customer service program.


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