The Miami Beach Fire Department is a team of dedicated professionals whose mission is to provide our residents and visitors with the highest level of safety and security through the delivery of fire suppression, emergency medical services, disaster response, ocean rescue, fire prevention, and public education programs. 


    Five years from now, Miami Beach Fire Rescue will be recognized by our visitors, residents, businesses, institutions, and regional fire agencies as a fire rescue department which places a high premium on quality service to others. 

    Our organizational culture will reflect an honest, respectful team atmosphere that is nurtured by open internal and external communication processes which allow for a greater understanding and involvement in decisions. Our mission will be accomplished by a physically fit work force striving to improve our training in a variety of diverse skills sets.  Our dedicated professional staff will convey enthusiasm in our commitment to excellence by equally and without prejudice, demonstrating empathy and compassion to all those visiting, living or working in our community.   

    Our leadership and labor force will work to hold each other accountable for applying organizational values and reaching our goals.  Emphasis will be placed upon gaining consensus on organizational issues assuring a healthy work environment and providing employee job satisfaction. 

    We will honor our community’s trust by providing the most effective, efficient and fiscally-responsible service possible to all areas of our community. By identifying our evolving community risks, and the demands of those risks, we will improve our response capacity by identifying resource and deployment strategies that carry the best interest of our community and increases the probability of satisfying our mission.   

    We will expand our community information and education initiatives so that our priorities, philosophy and operations are clearly understood.  We will explore all opportunities to implement new technology to improve the quality of fire and rescue services, while expending time and energy towards developing the best strategies for continued improvement. We will be driven to offer best practices ensuring that visitors and the community of Miami Beach receive outstanding fire and rescue services.. 




    • Completed Annual Report for Accreditation by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International in August of 2010. Completed the five year Re-Accreditation process in August of 2009.     
    • Completed Insurance Services Office (ISO) Rating Inspection. ISO rates fire protection on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being no fire protection and 1 being the highest. We have achieved a score of Class 1, effective February 2008. The lower the rating the better the fire insurance rates, both commercial and residential, for the area being rated.    
    • Continued implementation of the high rise and condominium hurricane re-entry and credentialing plan.      
    • Updated the City Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) and the Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP).     
    • Conducted Citywide Category 4 Hurricane Table Top Exercise in the new Emergency Operations Center (EOC). 



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