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    Water Supply:

    The City of Miami Beach Public Works Depatment - Operations Division is responsible for operation, repair, and maintenance of the city's water didtribution system. The water supply system includes over 1,000 fire hydrants.

    Hydrant Flow Testing:

    The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for conducting the fire hydrant flow tests necessary for design of fire protection systems. Persons requesting a fire hydrant flow test must apply for a permit at the Building Department or online. Applicant must provide a valid address of the building, applicant contact information, and pay a test fee of ($244.00) before the request can be processed. The hydrant flow test permit is automatically sent to the Water Officer in the Fire  Prevention  Division. The Water Officer will schedule the flow test and provide results to the applicant via fax or email within 5-7 business days of the application date.

     Online Permitting

    If you would like more information regarding water supply hydrants within the City of Miami Beach, please contact the Water Officer:

    Phone: (305) 673-7123



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