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    The Fire Department is responsible for carrying out our mission statement through the efforts of the Fire Administration Section, the Fire Suppression Division, the Fire Rescue Division, the Fire Prevention Division, the Support Services Division and the Ocean Rescue Division.

    Services are provided to the community from four Fire Stations that are placed to allow for rapid response to anywhere in the City. The Fire Administration, Support Services and Ocean Rescue Divisions provide service from their own facilities.

    Mission Statement

    “We are dedicated to provide our community with a high level of safety and security through prevention of fire, delivery of quality emergency and disaster services, ocean life guarding and fire and life safety educational programs.”

    Work Plan


     Fire Department 2015-2020 Strategic Plan 




    The Department Work plan is aligned with Citywide strategic outcomes and initiatives established through extensive community input.   The City’s strategic planning process provides a framework at a broad level of where we want to go, how we get there, and how we measure our progress along the way.  The process ensures increased communications at all levels of City government using consistent terms.arrownext

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