•  Resident Resources 

     Teach at Miami Beach Senior High as an Adjunct Instructor

     Miami Beach residents, with a Master’s Degree, can become credentialed to teach a Florida International University Dual Enrollment course at Miami Beach Senior High School.


     Internship Program for Miami Beach High School students  

     The City of Miami Beach High School internship program, a part of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ Career Experience Opportunity (CEO) program, offers the students an opportunity to experience City municipal government first-hand and provide a close-up look at careers in municipal government. 


     Substitute Teach at the Beach  (English/Español)

     You may be eligible for free city-wide parking if you substitute teach at Nautilus Middle school and are a Miami Beach resident! 


     Become a Miami Beach Public School volunteer 

     The School Volunteer Program offers an opportunity for further community involvement in public schools by matching the skills and resources of members of the community to the needs of the school. Volunteers can perform various roles including office assistance, tutoring, and classroom support. 

      Teach at the Beach

      Becoming a teacher in Miami Dade has its perks! The City of Miami Beach offers great incentives to encourage teacher retention such as free tickets to event, City-funded professional development, and other various discounts


      Miami-Dade County Current Grant Opportunities Announcements  


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