Welcome to the Next Generation. Bienvenidos a Nueva Generacion. The City of Miami Beach is an extraordinary place to live. But beyond the beaches and the Art Deco, Lincoln Road and the culture, Miami Beach is also a special place to be young. From its schools to its youth programs, the City of Miami Beach is strongly committed to the Next Generation. With three elementary, one K-8 Center,  one middle and one high school, Miami Beach isn't only a place where youth want to hang out, it’s also a great place to live, learn and play. A city with its own "feeder pattern," (the grouping of schools that feed into or attend a particular high school), Miami Beach schools mean quality, community and innovation. A major commitment between the City of Miami Beach and the Miami-Dade County Public Schools, called the Education Compact, has created a unique partnership for quality education, including the development of a citywide International Baccalaureate Program. The Committee for Quality Education, representing all schools in the feeder pattern, the Mayor and the City Commission, supports a strong partnership between the City of Miami Beach and the Miami-Dade County Public Schools to find creative solutions to safety, high learning standards and enriched education. Explore these pages to learn more about the schools, programs and opportunities that make Miami Beach a fun place to be young and great place to grow up.

    What's New
    The Next Generation column in MB magazine is a testament to the city’s commitment to its future leaders.  You will learn about the numerous programs and services available to you and the young members of the community. Read more.

    newTeach at the Beach

    newMB Schools Going International 
     Keep your Miami Beach public schools in mind as you travel abroad and help bring the world to our local students. “Internationalizing" our schools is an integral component of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, currently being implemented in all Miami Beach public schools. School administrators are asking students, teachers, faculty, staff and parents to assist in bringing all things international back to our schools this fall. To contribute, don’t forget to pick up economical items such as travel brochures, menus, bus/train tickets, maps, guides, signs, photos, wrappers/boxes, advertisements and all other items from abroad and bring them back to your local schools. For more information, contact your home school. Bon Voyage!

    Miami Beach International Baccalaureate Conference
    July 14, 2010 Miami Beach Convention Center
    RSVP on the main page

    Update on Education Compact
    Following the blueprint established by the formation of the Education Compacts between Miami-Dade County Public Schools (District), and other local general purpose governments, the District and the City of Miami Beach (City), will now partner to bring together each organization’s collective resources for the greater benefit of both the students and the citizens of Miami Beach. 

    Therefore, through this agreement we will strive to meet the educational needs of each child and enhance the learning opportunities for all. The Compact was developed with significant community input and reflects the desire of the Miami-Beach community to support excellence in their schools and an investment in the overall enhancement of education for its residents. The areas of focus in this collaboration include:  teacher recruitment and retention; enhanced communication of educational and community events; family/parental involvement in education; community/business engagement, enhanced student health and well-being; improved student achievement; school safety; and technology access. The initial major activities, intended outcomes, and measures associated with each of these major focus areas are described in detail through the Compact. Read more.

    The MBQEC meets monthly to address educational issues that range from safety to curriculum development to budgets.  The committee is made up of PTSA or parent representatives from all the Miami Beach schools and appointees who represent the commissioners and mayor. Miami Beach principals,  school district and City of Miami Beach representatives also attend. With a broad-based agenda, it is group that advises the city on strategies to improve and strengthen education. If you want to learn more or participate in meetings, check the City of Miami Beach website for the meeting schedule and go to Education Tab on the homepage.

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