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    Strategic Plan 

    The City’s First Strategic Plan was adopted by the Commission in 2005 to address priorities and important drivers of community satisfaction identified through surveys of our residents, businesses and community organizations, as well as priorities identified through our  environmental scan. Updates have been made to the City's Strategic Plan, reflecting changing community priorities.  The City's Strategic Plan contains Key Intended Outcomes (KIOs) in support of key elements of the City’s vision:

    • Cleaner and Safer
    • Beautiful and Vibrant
    • A Unique Urban and Historic Environment
    • A Mature, Stable, Residential Community with Well-Improved Infrastructure
    • A Cultural, Entertainment Tourism Capital and an International Center for Innovation and Business

      While Maximizing Value to Our Community for the Tax Dollars Paid

    The set of Citywide KIOs and Citywide Initiatives (updated annually) comprise the Citywide Work Plan.  The Citywide Work Plan is then used to assist departments to evaluate services and prepare their proposed department work plans and budgets.  The KIO Linkage Chart summarizes the relationship between the City's Strategic Plan and Department Work Plans.  For more information on department work plans, please click here.

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