City of Miami Beach

City Commission Meeting

Commission Chambers, 3rd Floor, City Hall
1700 Convention Center Drive
January 12, 1998

Mayor Neisen O. Kasdin
Vice-Mayor Jose Smith
Commissioner Simon Cruz
Commissioner David Dermer
Commissioner Susan F. Gottlieb
Commissioner Nancy Liebman
Commissioner Martin Shapiro

City Manager Sergio Rodriguez
City Attorney Murray H. Dubbin
City Clerk Robert E. Parcher


Call to Order - 6:00 p.m.


1A Commission Memorandum No. 26-98

Workshop Session to Review an Ordinance Amending Zoning Ordinance 89-2665 which Eliminates the Design Bonus Provisions and Creates Additional Design Review Criteria.

ACTION: Discussion held. Commission consensus generally reached that the elimination of bonuses is desirable in the highest density zoning districts; no consensus was reached on what the effect would be on the lower density districts which are designated historic. Dean Grandin to provide drawings showing what buildings in the MXE District would look like with the proposed FAR of 2.0 and what they would look like with a FAR of 2.25. Grandin also to provide an analysis of existing FAR's in the MXE District. Finally, Grandin to be prepared to discuss the effect of roof-top additions on FAR for buildings within the Historic District.

2A Commission Memorandum No. 27-98

Workshop Session to Review an Ordinance Amending Zoning Ordinance No. 89-2665, which Changes the City's Parking Requirements, Including the Parking Impact Fee Program.

ACTION: Not discussed.

City Clerk Handout: Report prepared and presented by Dean Grandin. Handout contains a chart showing Floor area ratio(FAR) ranges; Report showing the: Comparison of existing/approved development projects in relation to proposed regulations; and Report showing: Examples of existing/approved development projects in conformity to proposed regulations.

End of Agenda

The Commission meeting was adjourned at 8:32 p.m.