City of Miami Beach
City Commission Meeting

Commission Chambers, 3rd Floor, City Hall
1700 Convention Center Drive
January 27, 1998
Special City Commission Meeting

Mayor Neisen O. Kasdin
Vice-Mayor Jose Smith
Commissioner Simon Cruz
Commissioner David Dermer
Commissioner Susan F. Gottlieb
Commissioner Nancy Liebman
Commissioner Martin Shapiro

City Manager Sergio Rodriguez
City Attorney Murray H. Dubbin
City Clerk Robert E. Parcher


Call to Order - 5:10 p.m.

Inspirational Message and Pledge of Allegiance

Requests for Additions, Withdrawals, and Deferrals


R9A Commission Memorandum No. 55-98

Board and Committee Appointments.

ACTION: The following appointments were made:

Board of Adjustment:

ACTION: No appointments made.

Historic Preservation Board:

The following names were recommended by the City Manager and confirmed by the Commission. Motion was made by Commissioner Liebman and seconded by Commissioner Gottlieb; vote: 7-0.

Hope Fuller (Real Estate Broker)

William Medellin (Registered Architect)

Allan Schulman (University Professor)

Design Review Board:

Nicholas Quintana (Architect, Designer, or Urban Land Planner)

Art in Public Places:

Denise Gerson

William Kearns

Merle Weiss

Barrier Free Environment Committee:

Motion to appoint the following individuals made by Commissioner Liebman; seconded by Commissioner Gottlieb; vote: 7-0.

Andrew Batavia

Mildred Levinson

Rita Swedroe

Lee Weiss

Brenda Wildy

Franklin Zavala-Valdez

Beach Preservation Committee:

Jerry Marsch (Commissioner Shapiro)

Beautification Committee:

Faye Goldin (Citizen)

Helene Owen (Experience or Education)

Margueritte Ramos-Herrera (Citizen)

Steven Ruggieri (Landscape Professional)

Claire Tomlin (Experience or Education)

Michael Vita (Citizen)

Budget Advisory Committee:

Laurence Herrup (CPA)

Jerome Libbin (Vice-Mayor Smith)

Tony Rodriguez (Financial Advisor)

Mike Rotbart (Commissioner Shapiro)

Community Development Advisory Committee:

Timothy Barnum

Maria B. Gutierrez

Linda March (Commissioner Gottlieb)

Scott Needelman

Stanley K. Shapiro

Community Relations Board:

Jose Argote

Mijel Brazlavsky (Vice-Mayor Smith)

Richard Brown-Morilla

Grace Calvani

Monsignor John Vaughan

Convention Center Advisory Board:

Jeffrey Abbaticchio (Advertising/Marketing or Public Relations)

Jo Asmundsson (Citizen at-large)

Stuart Blumberg (Hotelier)

Joe Fontana (Citizen at-large)

Jay Jensen (Financial Advisor)

Brad Krassner (Promoter/User J. Gleason Theater)

Norman Litz (Promoter/User J. Gleason Theater)

John Mallah (Attorney)

Larry Perl (Promoter/User MB Convention Center)

Fashion, Film, Television & Recording Committee:

Motion to appoint the following individuals made by Commissioner Gottlieb; seconded by Commissioner Liebman; vote: 7-0.

Karen David (TV)

Ken Lorber (TV)

Irene Marie (Fashion)

Peggi McKinley (Film)

Pamela Miller (At-large)

Adam Nathanson (Recording)

George Neary (At-large)

Bruce Orosz (Fashion)

Alan Randolph (Film)

Fine Arts Board:

Laura Apte (Commissioner Gottlieb)

Jerome Benson (Vice-Mayor Smith)

Helen Bialolenki

Maria Harris

Randie Hofer

Isabel Klassman

Debra Schwartz

Meryl Wolfson

Golf Advisory Committee:

Sanford Horowitz

Jerry Jacobs

Linda Leibovici

David Russin

Daniel Spring

Health Advisory Committee:

City Manager is preparing his recommendations. No appointments made.

Health Facilities Authority:

Michael Baum (General Business)

Edward Levinson (Attorney)

Hispanic Affairs:

Jacobo Epelbaum (Vice-Mayor Smith)

Jose Heres

Lazaro Martinez

Juan Vilaseca (Commissioner Dermer)

Committee on the Homeless:

No appointments made.

Loan Review Committee:

No appointments made.

Marine Authority:

John Gonzales

Keith Hartley

Ira Nusbaum

Barbara Patchen

Stuart Reed

Miami Beach Commission on the Status of Women:

Donna Bloom (Commissioner Shapiro)

M. Begona Calcerrada (Vice-Mayor Smith)

Hazel Cypen (Commissioner Liebman)

Frances Giller (Commissioner Shapiro)

Lizzette Lopez (Commissioner Shapiro)

Lisa Palley (Commissioner Liebman)

Rosalie Pincus (Vice-Mayor Smith)

Diana Susi (Commissioner Liebman)

Nuisance Abatement Board:

Motion to appoint the following individuals made by Commissioner Cruz; seconded by Commissioner Gottlieb; vote: 7-0.

David Alschuler (North Beach)

Stephen Cypen (Mid Beach)

Stephen Hertz

Mark Meland

Ray Reilly (South Beach)

Parks and Recreational Facilities Board:

Barbara Herskowitz (Mid Beach)

Ron Hirschel (North Beach)

Maurice Rotbart (Vice-Mayor Smith)

Charles Schaab (Commissioner Cruz)

Fred Schwartz (South Beach)

Personnel Board:

No appointments made.

Police Citizen Relations Committee:

Michael Alvarez

Aliza Brenner (Vice-Mayor Smith)

Spencer Eig

Cynthia Jacobs

Stanley Worton

Safety Committee:

Judge Robert Newman (Vice-Mayor Smith)

Robin Weiss (Commissioner Shapiro)

No Commission appointments made.

South Pointe Advisory Board:

No appointments made.

Tourist and Convention Center Expansion Authority:

Michael Lehn (Accountant)

Haskel Mayer (Civil Engineer)

Edward McIntyre (Attorney)

Question to be resolved: Commissioner Gottlieb questioned if the general contractor qualification should be revised to read "licensed general contractor".

Transportation and Parking Committee:

Donna Cyrus (Commissioner Shapiro)

Alan Fishman (Commissioner Gottlieb)

Michael Thompson (Vice-Mayor Smith)

Visitors and Convention Center Authority:

No appointments made.

Youth Center Advisory Board:

Linda Felton (Commissioner Shapiro)

Jodie Knofsky (Commission)

Julio Magrisso (Commissioner Gottlieb)

Laine Unger (Commission)

The Commission meeting was adjourned at 8:49 p.m.


End of Special Commission Meeting