City of Miami Beach
Special City Commission Meeting

Commission Chambers, 3rd Floor, City Hall
1700 Convention Center Drive
January 12, 1998

Mayor Neisen O. Kasdin
Vice-Mayor Jose Smith
Commissioner Simon Cruz
Commissioner David Dermer
Commissioner Susan F. Gottlieb
Commissioner Nancy Liebman
Commissioner Martin Shapiro

City Manager Sergio Rodriguez
City Attorney Murray H. Dubbin
City Clerk Robert E. Parcher

Call to Order - 3:00 p.m.

Inspirational Message and Pledge of Allegiance

Requests for Additions, Withdrawals, and Deferrals



Emergency resolution added to agenda at the request of Commissioner Liebman regarding the use of vacant lots in the South Pointe area for parking during Art Deco Weekend; seconded by Commissioner Cruz; vote: 7-0-. Resolution No. 98-22636 adopted, as amended allowing the Miami Design Preservation League to utilize the private vacant lots in the area for the duration of the Festival. Motion made by Commissioner Gottlieb; seconded by Vice-Mayor Smith; vote: 7-0. Amendment to specify that, at the request of Commissioner Dermer, the parking proceeds be donated to the Miami Design Preservation League. Ensure that adequate liability insurance is in effect. Jackie Gonzalez to amend the resolution.

1A Commission Memorandum No. 23-98

Board and Committee Appointments.

(Hear in Conjunction with Item R9A)

ACTION: The following appointments were made:

Board of Adjustment: (appointed by a 5/7ths vote of the Commission for a 1 year term)

Lawrence Fuller (Law)

Neli A. Santamarina (Real Estate Development)

Joy Alschuler Malakoff (Financial Consultant)

Theodore Berman (Engineering)

*Motion was made by Commissioner Cruz retaining Carlos Capote, until a successor is apointed, in the category of General Business; seconded by Commissioner Dermer; vote: 7-0.

Planning Board: (appointed by a majority vote of the Commission for a 2 year term)

Roberto Datorre (Historic Preservation Issues)

Leonard Turkel (Developer)

Melvyn Schlesser (Attorney)

Ari Sklar (Architect)

Minette Benson (At Large)

Henry Kay (At Large)

Ilona Wiss (At Large)

Design Review Board: (appointed by a 5/7ths vote of the Commission for a 2 year term)

Arthur Marcus (Architect)

Alejandro Duany (Landscape Architect) affirmed by a unanimous vote of the Commission

Donald Worth (Citizen-at-Large)

Appointment to the category of (Designer/Urban Planner) was not made.

Staggered Terms (1 yr. vs 2 yr) to be drawn by lots, as per the process set up by the City Clerk. Motion was made by Commissioner Liebman; seconded by Commissioner Gottlieb; vote: 7-0.

The following direct appointments were announced:

Budget Advisory Committee:

Lee Teichner Commissioner Liebman

Jack Benveniste Commissioner Dermer

Community Development Advisory Committee:

Shaun Leibovitz Commissioner Liebman

Laura Varela Commissioner Shapiro

Community Relations Board:

Bernice Martinez Commissioner Shapiro

Jacquline S. Hertz Commissioner Cruz

Fine Arts Board:

Grace Durbin Commissioner Liebman

Jim Weingarten Commissioner Shapiro

Hispanic Affairs Committee:

Liliam Lopez Commissioner Liebman

Homeless Committee:

Franklin Zavala-Velez Commissioner Dermer

Marjorie York Commissioner Shapiro

Parks and Recreational Facilities Board:

Janine Gross Commissioner Liebman

Linda Grosz Commissioner Shapiro

Police/Citizens Relations Committee:

Michael Finesilver Commissioner Dermer

Safety Committee:

Emily Davis Commissioner Liebman

Status of Women:

Regina Suarez Commissioner Cruz

Tourist and Convention Center Advisory Board:

Victor Varela Commissioner Liebman

Tourist and Convention Center Expansion Authority:

Jack Hartley Commissioner Shapiro

Transportation and Parking Committee:

Adrian Gonzalez Commissioner Dermer

John Tober Commissioner Liebman

Youth Center Advisory Committee:

Marjorie Farber Commissioner Liebman

R. Parcher to notify appointees. Remaining appointments scheduled to be made at the January 21st Commission meeting.

R5 - Ordinances

R5A Commission Memorandum No. 24-98

An Ordinance Amending a New Chapter Entitled "Agencies, Boards, and Committees" by Creating Section 2.1.1 Thereof Establishing the Beach Preservation Committee; Providing for Codification, Severability, and an Effective Date. First Reading

Administration Recommendation: Approve the Ordinance on first reading and schedule a public hearing for second and final reading.

(City Attorney's Office)

ACTION: Motion to approve the ordinance on first reading was made by Commissioner Liebman; seconded by Commissioner Cruz; vote: 7-0. Public hearing scheduled for January 21st at 10:30 a.m. R. Parcher to publish notice.

R7 - Resolutions

R7A Commission Memorandum No. 25-98

A Resolution Approving Issuance of Citywide Parking Decals for City Board and Committee Members Serving on Boards or Committees with Citywide Scope and Duties; and Issuance of Lot-Specific Parking Decals to the Remaining Board and Committee Members at Parking Facilities Adjacent to Meeting Sites.

Administration Recommendation: Approve the Resolution.

(Parking Department)

ACTION: Resolution No. 98-22637 adopted as amended. Motion was made by Commissioner Liebman and seconded by Commissioner Gottlieb; vote: 5-2; opposed: Commissioners Dermer and Shapiro. The City's previous policy of issuing City-wide parking decals to board and committee members was approved. Restricted areas such as bus stop, handicap, etc. still apply. J. Gonzalez to handle.

R9 - New Business and Commission Requests

R9A Selection Criteria for Members of the Community Development Advisory Committee.

(Requested by Commissioner David Dermer)

(Hear in Conjunction with Item 1A)

ACTION: Discussion held. As stipulated by Federal Law, any person who serves as an officer, or director, of a recipient agency for CBDG funds cannot serve on a board which approves or distributes Federal funds.

End of Special Commission Meeting