City of Miami Beach - City Commission Workshop Meeting

Commission Chambers, 3rd Floor, City Hall

1700 Convention Center Drive

September 24, 1999

Mayor Neisen O. Kasdin

Vice-Mayor Martin Shapiro

Commissioner Simon Cruz

Commissioner David Dermer

Commissioner Susan F. Gottlieb

Commissioner Nancy Liebman

Commissioner Jose Smith

City Manager Sergio Rodriguez

City Attorney Murray H. Dubbin

City Clerk Robert E. Parcher

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Call to Order - 3:30 p.m.

Present: Commissioner Liebman

Commissioner Smith (arrived 4:12 p.m.)

City Manager Sergio Rodriguez

City Attorney Murray Dubbin

City Clerk Robert Parcher

The working meeting was called to order with the City Manager outlining the four elements of the Municipal Mobility Vision Plan: 1) mobility; 2) sustainability; 3) accessibility; and 4) livability. An implementation plan that will address these issues will be reported at the October 6th Commission meeting with an Administrative recommendation for implementation of the plan and the setting of priorities which will be part of the Capital Improvement Program. The City Manager further stated that the actual implementation of the plan will be with specific capital improvement projects. The General Obligation Bond Funds, when approved by the voters on November 2nd, could be used as a funding source together with matching grants from the Federal Government, the State of Florida, and Miami-Dade County.

Presentations were made by Joseph Johnson of the Planning Department and by Mr. Joe Corradino, representing the City's consultant, Carr, Smith, Corradino. Mr. Corradino stated that the vision plan consisted of 45 projects involving North Beach, Middle Beach and South Beach. The projects addressed community sustainability, capacity improvement projects, corridor enhancement projects of alternative modes and included a review of the classification of the roadways and traffic calming techniques and staffing levels. One of the recommendations of the implementation plan is for the City to establish transportation concurrency management areas in the City. This would require the City to amend the transportation element of the City's Local Government Comprehensive Plan. The implementation plan and the process for implementation are outlined in the consultant's report.

City Attorney Murray Dubbin stated that he had recently been a participant in a conference of the Community Redevelopment Association of Florida and a new program called "The Florida Greenways Program" which purpose is to provide funds for capital outlay to develop cultural projects, natural preserves and parking garages and questioned the consultant of his vision with the use of this program within the City of Miami Beach.

Dr. Morris Sunshine expressed the following concerns which should be addressed in the mobility plan: 1) the focus placed on traffic on a particular street (Ocean Drive traffic mitigation plan) rather than placing the focus on traffic in the entire neighborhood; 2) the administration and development process of the mitigation plans should be transparent to the public. Commissioner Liebman stated that the Commission sent to the Planning Board a request to review the process whereby applications that are reviewed by the Design Review Board include some concept of a mitigation plan presented with the application and requested the status of this request. 3) calming measures and timing signals including ADA requirements to accommodate pedestrians and handicap persons attempting to cross a very wide street; 4) the general algorithm for treating the traffic problems in the City are inadequate for addressing the traffic problems on Ocean Drive and Washington Avenue.

The City Manager stated that the mobility plan will be reviewed by the Parking and Transportation Committee and will be on the October 6th Commission meeting.

The workshop meeting was adjourned at 4:40 p.m.


1) Agenda

2) Notebook containing the 1999 Municipal Mobility Plan/Implementation Plan (Draft)

3) Municipal Mobility Plan 1998 - Vision Statement