City of Miami Beach - City Commission Meeting

Commission Chambers, 3rd Floor, City Hall

1700 Convention Center Drive

July 14, 1999

Mayor Neisen O. Kasdin

Vice-Mayor Martin Shapiro

Commissioner Simon Cruz

Commissioner David Dermer

Commissioner Susan F. Gottlieb

Commissioner Nancy Liebman

Commissioner Jose Smith

 City Manager Sergio Rodriguez

City Attorney Murray H. Dubbin

City Clerk Robert E. Parcher

Call to Order - 2:20 p.m.

Mayor Kasdin - absent

Vice-Mayor Shapiro - present

Commissioner Cruz -present

Commissioner Dermer - present

Commissioner Gottlieb - absent

Commissioner Liebman -present

Commissioner Smith - in at 2:30 p.m.





Presentations given by Patricia Walker, Finance Director and Janet Gavarrete, Assistant City Manager.

Items discussed:

1) Construction of new expanded sidewalk along the eastside of Ocean Drive, including the retrofitting of irrigation, lighting, and new crosswalks.

2) Construction of 250 new parking spaces for visitors and employees and 50,000 sq. ft. Office space to consolidate city functions at one location. Commissioner Liebman requested the Administation coordinate with the 777 17 Street building owners to see if a mutual plan can be identified.

3) Commissioner Smith suggested that a Workshop be scheduled to discuss the Altos Del Mar area. The Workshop is to develop a concrete plan on what needs to be done and how to fund. Commissioner Smith suggested that this should not be included in the GO bond. The Administration will develop a preliminary conceptual plan with cost estimates to assist the Commission in making a decision.

Commissioner Liebman asked about the plan for the two (2) historic houses. She requested that if the Altos Del Mar area becomes a park that the issue of the homes should be referred to the Historic Preservation Board for their input.

4) Fencing and lighting for City parks. Commissioner Shapiro questioned the reason for the fencing and if this would accomplish anything worthwhile. Commissioner Smith commented that fencing is not going to do any good and that what really is needed is police presence or a guard in order to deter vandalism. Commissioner Liebman requested to have an opportunity to review the lighting projects.

City Manager Sergio Rodriguez stated that the Capital Improvement Program is separated into three (3) groups:

Public Safety ($13,251,974), Neighborhood and Park Enhancements ($34,608,223), and Public Facilities Rehabilitation and Replacement ($17,322,533) for a total of $65,182,733. Mr. Rodriguez stated that all three (3) aspects of the Capital Improvement Program are important to the City and that General Obligation bonds are the typical mechanism used to improve the City=s infrastructure.

Commissioner Dermer requested that traffic calming measures be put in place first before adding intersection landscaping and enhancements into one package.

Commissioner Dermer asked if it is possible to have Fire Station #2, Fire Station #4 and fire apparatus as a separate ballot question.

Commissioner Smith suggested that the ballot language be in a Amenu@ type format such as:

a) Fire related items,

b) Fire related items + Public Safety

c) Fire related items + Public Safety + Parks and Neighborhoods

d) Fire related ittems + Public Saftey+ Parks and Neighborhoods + Public Facilities Rehab.

Commissioner Liebman requested the different neighborhood groups, Venetian Causeway, LaGorce, Garden Center, parks parents,etc be invited to attend the July 21 meeting. Administration to contact the different groups.

At the July 21 Commission Meeting the Administration will request that the Capital Improvement Plan be approved in concept. This will allow the Administration an opportunity to meet with the public over the August Commission recess.

Specific ballot language must be approved at the September 8 regularly scheduled Commission meeting but no later than September 17 if the Commission chooses to schedule a Special Commission meeting.


1. Memorandum from Sergio Rodriguez, City Manager, to the Mayor and City Commission, dated July 12, 1999, RE: City Commission Workshop Regarding the City of Miami Beach Capital Improvements Program 1999-2004, and Certain Projects Within Such Program For Inclusion In A Proposed General Obligation Bond Offering

2. City of Miami Beach and Miami Beach Redevelopment Agency Capital Improvement Program 1999-2004 Summary.

3. Memorandum from Sergio Rodriguez, City Manager, to Commissioner Liebman, dated July 14, 1999, RE: Creation of a Local Reserve Fund for Transportation Projects.

4) PowerPoint Presentation [City Commission Budget Workshop - Thursday, July 8. 1999].

End of Agenda

The Commission Workshop was adjourned at 4:06 p.m.