City of Miami Beach - City Commission Meeting

Commission Chambers, 3rd Floor, City Hall

1700 Convention Center Drive

July 8, 1999

Mayor Neisen O. Kasdin

Vice-Mayor Martin Shapiro

Commissioner Simon Cruz

Commissioner David Dermer

Commissioner Susan F. Gottlieb

Commissioner Nancy Liebman

Commissioner Jose Smith

City Manager Sergio Rodriguez

City Attorney Murray H. Dubbin

City Clerk Robert E. Parcher


Call to Order - 3:46 p.m.

Mayor Kasdin - present

Vice-Mayor Shapiro - absent

Commissioner Cruz -absent

Commissioner Dermer in at 4:30 p.m.

Commissioner Gottlieb -absent

Commissioner Liebman -present

Commissioner Smith -absent




Presentation given by Patricia Walker, Finance Director.

Summary of Proposed Budget Changes

Revenue Increase $3.3M

Expenditure Increase $7.7M

Preliminary Difference ($4.4M)

Service Level Increases $2.0M

Preliminary Difference ($6.4M)

It was noted that at this time last year for the FY98-99 budget year the Preliminary Difference was about $15.4M.

Preliminary Difference ($6.4M)

RDA Loan Repayment $1.8M

Resort Tax Increase $ .6M

Departmental Savings $ .7M

Difference ($3.3M)

Ms. Walker presented potential alternatives to achieving a balanced budget.

Discussion held.

Commissioner Liebman questioned why in the Parking Enterprise Fund there is an increase in professional services and operating of $420,000. The Administration responded that janitorial and security services increased as well as there are more garages.

Mayor Kasdin stated that there should be an agreement with Miami-Dade County to set aside, in the County=s budget, an amount of $500,000 to fund special tourist related impact services in Miami Beach. The funding should be for this FY and all future FY=s. Mayra Diaz Buttacavoli stated that the FY98/99 funding is contingent upon two issues: 1) the money is to be utilized for a convention center project and 2) There needs to be an agreement between the City, Bureau, and the County. The Greater Miami Visitors and Convention Bureau (GMVCB) is investigating the budget tapes where the $500,000 was set aside to see exactly who the agreement has to be between (Miami Beach and GMVCB or Miami Beach, GMVCB, and the County).

Mayor Kasdin stated that the recently approved agreement with the GMVCB is not to be signed until this is resolved.

Miami-Dade County Commissioner Barreiro has pledged to seek the $500,000 funding as well.

Both Mayor Kasdin and Sergio Rodriguez do not recall the $500,000 set aside being restricted to the convention center projects. Both thought it was to cover tourism related activities.

Mayor Kasdin stated that if tax referendum passes on July 29, one-half of the cost to operate the Electrowave project would be funded from the tax.

Mayor Kasdin stated that if the $6 million for beach maintenance and renourishment is approved, Miami Beach needs to have the County fund some of the costs for the work the City is doing.

Commissioner Liebman stated that if there are additional funds, the route of the Electrowave should be expanded to the Cultural Campus area.


1. PowerPoint Presentation [City Commission Budget Workshop - Thursday, July 8. 1999].

End of Agenda

The Commission Workshop was adjourned at 4:58 p.m.