City of Miami Beach - City Commission Workshop
Commission Chambers, 3rd Floor, City Hall
1700 Convention Center Drive
March 1, 2000


Call to Order - 4:36 p.m.

Mayor Kasdin -absent

Vice-Mayor Dermer -present

Commissioner Bower -present

Commissioner Cruz - present

Commissioner Garcia -present

Commissioner Liebman -present

Commissioner Smith -present


Regarding TCMA and CMS Studies /Implementation

City Clerk's notes: The Commission Workshop was scheduled via L.T.C. No. 30-2000. The Meeting was advertised in the Miami Herald Neighbors on Sunday, February, 27, 2000 - page 51. Transportation Concurrency Management Area (TCMA), Concurrency Management System (CMS), Municipal Mobility Plan (MMP).

Matthew Schwartz, Assistant City Manager gave an introduction.

Joseph Johnson, Transportation/Concurrency Manager, City of Miami Beach, gave a verbal presentation.

Mr. Greg Burke with Carr Smith Corradino presented a PowerPoint presentation.

Commissioner Smith asked what can the City Commission do at this time to ease the traffic problems we have in the City.

Mr. Johnson responded that there are some short-term solutions need to be done. The following were identified:

1) Currently existing signalization problems should be one of the primary quick fixes. In particular in the South Beach area on Alton Road effecting the intersections of 8th Street, 11th Street, 15th Street, 16th Street, and Lincoln.

2) There are currently two studies of the 63rd Street area underway by two different consultants. The studies should be completed in the next 45-days with recommendations either for or against the FDOT proposals. The recommendations will be consistent with the goals and objectives of the MMP. The report will be presented to the Transportation and Parking Committee and the City Commission for direction on how to proceed.

3) Collins Avenue will be under construction next year with an FDOT project. Several problematic areas such as 7th Street and 13th Street will be enhanced with new drainage and signalization. New signalization will ne added at 7th Street and 13th Street.

4) There will be a project at the intersection of 41st Street and Indian Creek which will add dual left turn lanes to go north bound on to Indian Creek. The intersection will be reconfigured and operational capacity will be increased.

These are the short term recommendations. Longer term projects will require planning studies along with the participation of the public and residents in order to make a final recommendations.

Commissioner Garcia raised stated that the 5500 block of Alton Road looks like a tank track. He pointed out several other locations where the road conditions are very poor. He stated that road conditions effect the flow of traffic. Mr. Johnson stated that there is a roadway improvement project in the FDOT 5 year work program which addresses drainage and road way deficiencies on Alton Road scheduled for implementation in 2002.

Commissioner Smith raised the issue of developers road impact fees which are paid to the County. He stated that other than Pine Tree Drive and the LaGorce projects, what other projects has the City received County funding?

Vice-Mayor Dermer stated that this question was raised over 2 years ago. What progress has been made? Vice-Mayor stated that the Legal Department should review all Development Agreements to determine how much money the developers are responsible to pay. He stated that the City should be vigorous in making sure the developer pay their share.

A demonstration of the Concurrency Management Computer System was given by Mr. Joe Corradino.

A discuss was held on concurrency and the concurrency cap and mitigation.

Commissioner Garcia stated that the traffic problems are a capacity problem.

Commissioner Smith asked how the software accounts for variations in use such as part-time condominium residents versus time-share condominiums which are occupied 100% of the time. Mr. Corradino stated that the software assumes 100% occupancy.

Members of the public were invited to speak. Mr. Neil Fritz, Chairperson of the Parking and Transportation Committee, and Ms. Minnette Benson spoke.



A. Workshop meeting agenda.

B. City of Miami Beach, Municipal Mobility Plan 1998 Vision Statement

C. City of Miami Beach Municipal Mobility Plan 1999 Implementation Study, Executive Summary - prepared by Corradino

D. Miami Beach Concurrency Management System- Corradino

E. Audio tape

F. Copy of the PowerPoint presentation

End of Agenda

The Commission Workshop was adjourned at 6:30 p.m.