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    The City’s Office of Community Services provides homeless outreach in an effort to identify, engage and offer services to homeless individuals in our community. The outreach teams are often the initial point of contact with homeless individuals on the street. Outreach teams are in the field up to 6 days a week during morning and/or evening hours. The team’s ultimate goal is to engage the homeless in order to begin addressing those issues that keep them on the streets including medical, mental health and substance abuse problems. In addition, our team partners weekly with Citrus Health Network, Inc. in order to engage those chronically homeless individuals in need of mental health services.  

    Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust Census Results for the City of Miami Beach  

    Census Date  


    Results (# of homeless)  

    January 2005 


    January 2006 


    January 2007 


    January 2008 


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