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    How do I report a code violation?

    You can call the Code Compliance Department at 305-673-7555 from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday or you may call 305-604-CITY (2489) at any time, 24 hours a day.  A dispatcher will field your call, and provide you with a case number.  You may also enter a complaint through our City of Miami Beach website, under "Make a Request / Register a Complaint."

    How can I check the status of a complaint?
    You can check the status on-line at
     www.miamibeachfl.gov. On the home page left menu bar option of “Check the Status of…” select “code violations.” You will be directed to a web page called Permit Manager. To check on the status of a code violation, you can enter either the property address, or the violation number. The violation number would be entered in the space called “permit number.”

    How can I check if my property has any violations?
    You may either call the Code Compliance Office at  305-673-7555, or you can check on the city’s website, www.miamibeachfl.gov using the instructions provided above.

    What are the most common residential code violations?
    The most frequent residential code violations are issued for property maintenance (i.e. overgrowth, debris, exterior paint), Sanitation (trash and debris), Noise Violations, and Zoning (commercial vehicles, unauthorized use - i.e. transient use / short-term rentals). 

    What are the most common commercial code violations?
    The most common commercial code violations are issued for  Zoning (i.e. illegal signs), Sanitation (trash, overflowing dumpsters), Noise, and not having a Business Tax Receipt.

    What happens when a violation of the code is found?

    Depending on the nature of the violation, the Code Compliance staff may issue a Courtesy Notice, provide a grace period to correct the violation, or issue a violation (Notice of Violation).  A number of violations carry an immediate fine (i.e. illegal signs on the public right of way, a dog off leash, holding a Special Event without a permit); while other violations provide a period for compliance.  If compliance is not, met, the case is set before a Special Master.  In all instances, statutory requirements allow the recipient of Notice of Violation to file an appeal, if the violator believes that the violation was issued in error. 

    What is the difference between a violation and courtesy notice?
    The City’s goal is compliance. As a result, courtesy notices are usually issued for most violations that can be remedied. A timeframe to correct the violation is provided. If the area of concern is corrected by the compliance date, the case is closed. If the violation is not corrected by the compliance date, the courtesy notice becomes a Notice of Violation and the case is sent to the Special Master for a hearing. Violations carry fines/penalties. The fines/penalties may be automatic, or may be imposed by the Special Master. Courtesy Notices do not carry a fine/penalty if compliance is achieved as required.

    What if I disagree with the violation?
    As required by the Florida Constitution, anyone that receives a civil violation, has a right to appeal such violation.  Information on the appeal process, including the time frame to file an appeal, is provided on the back of the violation notice.  Courtesy notices are not violations unless compliance has not been achieved within the time provided for compliance.  A courtesy notice cannot be appealed; only a violation.  

    What if I take care of the violation?

    The City’s goal is compliance. If you address the violation within the time frame provided, the case will be closed. If needed, you may request an extension of time to address the violation. This request can be made on-line by using the extension request form on the right menu bar,  by mail, or by discussing the merits of the case and issues of concern with the area Code Compliance Administrator.

    Do I need a permit if I want to have a garage sale?
    Yes, each property is allowed 1 permitted garage sale each year. Permits must be obtained at least 7 days in advance. Permits for garage sales are issued by the Licensing Division, at City Hall.

    If I receive a violation for exterior paint, what should I do?
    Bring a sample of the color you want to use for the exterior of the building when applying for the permit to paint. Color charts are available at the Planning Department, 305-673-7550. The permit may be obtained at the Building Department, 305-673-7610.

    Is a license required by the City of Miami Beach before I can open my business?
    All businesses must have both a Business Tax Receipt (formerly called an occupational license) and a Certificate of Use (C.U.).  You may not open your business until you have both a license and certificate of use. A Miami Dade County License, www.miamidade.gov, is also required, and there may be a State license required as well (visit www.myflorida.gov). Please contact the city’s Finance Department regarding the business tax receipt and Certificate of Use at 305-673-7420. For additional information on opening a business in Miami Beach, please contact our Economic Development Division at 305-673-7193.

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