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    The City of Miami Beach Code requires properties to be properly maintained. This means the properties must be painted, kept free of debris, overgrown grass and weeds, have no broken or missing windows, and are free of graffiti. Every property owner is required to maintain their property free of trash and debris and well maintained, or from posing a safety concern for the community. The Code Compliance Division will take any necessary action to ensure the property meets the property maintenance regulations.

    The goal of the Code Compliance Division is compliance. Courtesy Notices are issued as a result of inspections by a Code Compliance Officer. An inspection can be conducted as a result of a complaint, observation by the Officer or a scheduled annual inspection. Once an area of concern is discovered the following occurs:

    Property maintenance violations that pose a life safety issue may require immediate attention. If the violation is not addressed within the time specified, the City may, in addition to issuing a violation notice and scheduling a special master hearing, take necessary actions to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the community. Any expense incurred by the City on behalf of a property owner that has failed to address a property maintenance violation that poses a life safety issue will be billed to the property owner. Failure to reimburse the City for these expenses can result in a lien against the property.

    We understand that some violations may require additional time to correct. Should this be necessary, an extension can be requested by sending a letter to the Code Compliance Division, or
    by applying for an extension online. Extensions can only be granted for cases, which have not been heard by the Special Master. If the Special Master has heard a case only the Special Master can grant an extension.

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