The Code Compliance Department’s mission is to enforce the City Codes uniformly, ensuring the health, safety, welfare, and quality of life for the residents, businesses, owners and tourists of the City of Miami Beach.

    Maintaining your neighborhood and community’s quality of life is the primary responsibility of the City’s Code Compliance Department. Code Compliance monitors residential and commercial districts for potential violations of the City Code and is responsible for ensuring compliance with the code of the City of Miami Beach. Common code violations include: zoning violations, minimum housing standards, property maintenance standards, noise ordinance, real estate signs, signs in right-of-way, all sign regulations, sidewalk cafes, business tax receipts, certificate of use, illegal vendors, regulations concerning the hours of construction, operating hours for nightclubs, bars, liquor stores; hours of sale of liquor, and marine regulations.

    The Code Compliance Department routinely works with residents of the City and responds to requests for service. Code Compliance Officers ensure all requests are tracked and investigated individually. Code compliance officers will work to ensure that violations are corrected promptly.

    The Department functions almost on a 24-hour basis. Code Compliance Officers are on duty and available to respond to citizens concerns seven days a week. Additionally, Code Compliance Officers staff the night shift four days a week (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). During normal business hours please call 305.673.7555.

    During the weekend and evening hours, the Code Compliance staff can be reached by calling 305.604.CITY (2489).


    To learn more view our WORKPLAN

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