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    City Mission, Vision, and Values

    Our Mission:
    "We are committed to providing excellent public service and safety to all who live, work, and play in our vibrant, tropical, historic community."

    Our Vision:
    The City of Miami Beach will be:
    • Cleaner and Safer;
    • More Beautiful and Vibrant;
    • A Mature, Stable Residential Community with Well-improved Infrastructure;
    • A Unique Urban and Historic Environment;
    • A Cultural, Entertainment, Tourism Capital; and
    • An International Center for Innovation in Culture, Recreation and Business.

    Our Values:
    • We maintain the City of Miami Beach as a world-class city.
    • We work as a cooperative team of well-trained professionals.
    • We serve the public with dignity and respect.
    • We conduct the business of the City with honesty, integrity, and dedication.
    • We are ambassadors of good will to our residents, visitors, and the business community.

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