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    Letter to commission
    317-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices for the Week of January 2-6, 2006
    316-2005 Water Theme Dominates December Events
    315-2005 CIP Bi-weekly Construction Project Update
    314-2005 Maison Grande Condominium - Emails From Condominium Owner, Ms. Catherine Fingal
    313-2005 Holiday Courtesy Notice (Parking Enforcement)
    312-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices forthe Week of December 26-30, 2005
    311-2005 Normandy Golf Course and Clubhouse
    310-2005 Out of Office December 22-25, 2005
    309-2005 Bi-Weekly Update
    308-2005 Scott Rakow Status Report
    307-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices for the Week of December 19-23, 2005
    306-2005 SOUTH POINTE PARK - "Dog Beach" Area
    305-2005 Existing Vacancies on the Historic Preservation and Design Review Boards
    304-2005 CIP Bi-Weekly Construction Project Update
    303-2005 Swearing in of New Officers
    302-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices for the Week of December 12-16, 2005
    301-2005 Winter/Spring 2005/06 Recreation Review magazine
    300-2005 Architect Engineer Additional Services for Construction Administration
    299-2005 City Single Family Tax Abatement Program Status Report
    298-2005 MB magazine
    297-2005 2005 Commission Orientation Handbook
    296-2005 Building Department Benchmarking & Customer Service Analysis
    295-2005 Weekly Meetings Notices for the Week of December 5-9, 2005
    294-2005 CIP Bi-weekly Construction Project Update
    293-2005 900 Collins Avenue - Avery Smith/Coral Rock House Demolition Status Report
    292-2005 Update on McKinnon et al. lawsuit
    291-2005 Art Basel Miami Beach 2005
    290-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices for the Week of November 8 - December 3, 2005
    289-2005 Art Basel Miami Beach 2005
    288-2005 Out of Office from November 24 thru 28, 2005
    287-2005 Building Official Update
    286-2005 Sunset Harbour Stormwater System
    285-2005 Miami Beach Meetings & Conventions
    284-2005 November Travel & Tourism Hotel Occupancy
    283-2005 Biscayne House of Refuge Plaque Rededication
    282-2005 Winter Wonderland
    281-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices for the Week of November 21-25, 2005
    280-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices for the Week of November 14-18, 2005
    279-2005 North Beach Oceanfront Parks and Public Spaces - a Two-Day Community Planning Workshop
    278-2005 Evaluation Committee for RFQ 34-04/05 for General Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering Services on an as Needed Basis
    277-2005 CIP Bi-weekly Construction Project Update
    276-2005 Miami Beach Meetings & Conventions
    275-2005 Request for Proposal (RFP) No. 39-04/05 - Select a Consultant to provide pilot network(s) management and testing and project managerment services for the City of Miami Beach Wireless Broadband Network initiative (WiFi)
    274-2005 Evaluation Committee for Request for Proposals (RF) No. 37-04/05 For Temporary Personnel Services
    273-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices for the Week of November 7-11, 2005
    272-2005 Appointment of Chief De Lucca to the IACP Executive Committee
    271-2005 CIP Bi-weekly Construction Project Update
    270-2005 Planning Board File No. 1736 - Harding Village, 8540 Harding Avenue
    269-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices for the Week of October 24-30, 2005
    268-2005 Teens Wash Cars to Help Katrina Hurricane Victims
    267-2005 Ethics and the Media - Finding the Balance between What's Right and the Public's Right to Know" Conference
    266-2005 Adjustment of term limits for Historical Preservation Board members Randall Robinson, Beth Dunlop and Mitch Novick
    265-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices for the Week of October 17-21, 2005
    264-2005 Evaluation Committee Related to Request for Proposals (RFP) No. 36-04/05 -- Design, Deployment, and Maintenance of a Citywide Wireless Network (WiFi)
    263-2005 Florida Golf Journal Features the Miami Beach Golf Club
    262-2005 CIP Bi-Weekly Construction Project Update
    261-2005 Ordinance Amendment Pertaining to the Removal of Historic Signs
    260-2005 City of Miami Beach Schedule of Canvassing Board Meetings for the November 1, 2005 General Election
    259-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices for the Week of October 10-14, 2005
    258-2005 Evaluation Committee Related to Request for Proposals (RFP) No. 29-04/05 Dry Cleaning and Laundering Services for City of Miami Beach Uniformed Employees
    257-2005 Citywide Pension Analysis
    256-2005 Washington Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project Status Report
    255-2005 Miami Beach Meetings & Conventions
    254-2005 "Movie in the Park" Hurricane Relief
    253-2005 CIP Bi-Weekly Construction Project Update
    252-2005 Building Department Procedures to Renew Expired Permits
    251-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices for the Week of October 3-7, 2005
    250-2005 Miami Beach Meetings & Conventions
    249-2005 Special Master Appointment and Resignation
    248-2005 I.A.C.P. Opening Ceremony
    247-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices for the Week of September 26-30, 2005
    246-2005 My attendance at the International City/County Management Association Conference (ICMA) - September 23 - 28, 2005
    245-2005 External Auditor's (KPMG) Annual Audit Report on the City of Miami Beach (the City) for the period ended September 30, 2004
    244-2005 RE: Operation G.R.I.P.
    243-2005 Building Official Assessment Center
    242-2005 Miami Beach Meetings and Conventions
    241-2005 Growth Management Update
    240-2005 CIP Bi-Weekly Construction Project Update
    239-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices for the Week of September 19-23, 2005
    238-2005 Proposed Evaluation Committee for the 400 Space Cultural Campus Parking Garage
    237-2005 Hate Crime Initiatives (Revised Version)
    236-2005 Beautification Committee's Holiday Decorations Discussion
    235-2005 Miami Beach Meetings & Conventions
    234-2005 Saint Patrick's Church /On-Street Parking Issues - Update
    233-2005 Update on Building Official Recruitment
    232-2005 Art in Public Places Resolution
    231-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices for the Week of September 12-16, 2005
    230-2005 Hate Crime Initiatives
    229-2005 Residential Parking Permit Zone Three/Michigan Avenue - Update
    228-2005 Board and Committee Biannual Report
    227-2005 North Beach Recreational Corridor
    226-2005 Parks & Recreation Update
    225-2005 CIP Bi-Weekly Construction Project Update
    224-2005 Proposed Evaluation Committee for the Little Stage Theater, Carl Fisher Clubhouse and Bandshell (Little Stage Theater Complex)
    223-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices for the Week of September 5-9, 2005
    222-2005 International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Drug Recognition Experts - Officer Robert Jenkins
    221-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices for the Week of August 29-September 2, 2005
    220-2005 MTV Video Music Awards Show
    219-2005 Resolutions From The Historic Preservation Board
    218-2005 City of Miami Beach Job Order Contracting (JOC) System Receives Top Honor For Best Practice In Public Procurement
    217-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices of August 22-26, 2005
    216-2005 Summer Campers "Walking Tall"
    215-2005 Organizational Enhancements
    214-2005 CIP Bi-Weekly Construction Project Update
    213-2005 Semi-Annual Crime Statistics
    212-2005 Dade Chief's Association of Chiefs of Police Officer of the Month January & July 2005
    211-2005 Evaluation Committee for a Post Retirement Health Plan for its Eligible Employees
    210-2005 Bi-Weekly Update
    209-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices for the week of August 15-19, 2005
    208-2005 Miami Beach Meetings & Conventions
    207-2005 Lieutenant Eduardo Yero- Graduation from Northwestern University's Executive Management Program
    206-2005 Commander Navarro- Graduation from the Senior Management Institute for Police
    205-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices for the week of August 8-12, 2005
    204-2005 Miami Beach Meetings & Conventions
    203-2005 CIP Bi-weekly Construction Project Update
    202-2005 Out of Office from August 2-5, 2005
    201-2005 City Interactions With The Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
    200-2005 Proposed Evaluation Committee For The Design, Installation, On-Going Servicing And Maintenance Of A Citywide Holiday Decorations Program
    199-2005 Lieutenant Robert Elmore and Communications Manager (PSCU) Tasha Whittinham Graduation From The Southern Police Institute's Command Officer Development Course
    198-2005 North Beach Oceanfront Parks and Public Spaces - A Two-Day Workshop
    197-2005 New World Symphony - Soundspace Project Status Report
    196-2005 Parks & Recreation Department Update
    195-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices for the Week of August 1-5, 2005
    194-2005 Discussion Regarding Castle Beach Hotel/Condominium
    193-2005 Evaluation Committee for RFQ No. 27-04/05, for the Coastal Communities Transportation Master Plan (CCTMP)
    192-2005 Atlantic Broadband Notification of a Cable Rate Increase
    191-2005 Facade Renovation at Ocean Front Apartments
    190-2005 Roymi Membiela - Resignation from the Cultural Arts Council
    189-2005 Evaluation Committee Related to RFQ No. 22-04/05
    188-2005 CIP Bi-Weekly Construction Project Update
    187-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices for the Week of July 25-28, 2005
    186-2005 Miami Beach Meetings & Conventions
    185-2005 Commission Budget Briefings
    184-2005 Fall 2005 Recreation Review Magazine
    183-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices for the Week of July 18-22, 2005
    182-2005 Miami Beach Meetings & Conventions
    181-2005 Personnel Board Group 1 Election
    180-2005 Building Code Effective Grading Classification
    179-2005 2005 Assessment Roll
    178-2005 "Happy Birthday Miami Beach" Is Theme of Playground Revue 2005
    177-2005 Joint Resolutions from the Historic Preservation and Planning Boards
    176-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices For The Week Of July 11-15, 2005
    175-2005 CIP Bi-Weekly Construction Project Update
    174-2005 Miami Vice - Production Overview
    173-2005 GFOA For Distinguished Budget Presentation Award
    172-2005 Weekly Meetings for the Week of July 4-8, 2005
    171-2005 Cultural Arts Council July Meetings
    170-2005 Update on Castle Beach Condominium (5445 Collins Avenue)
    169-2005 FDOT 79th Street Bridge Rehabilitation Project
    168-2005 Design Review Board Decision - DRB File No. 17369 (Miami Beach Hotel Investors, LLC - Petitioner)
    167-2005 Versailles Hotel/Condo - 3425 Collins Avenue
    166-2005 City Administration Recommendation for Impasse with the Communications Workers of America (CWA) Bargaining Unit
    165-2005 Structural and Electrical Violations at the Hotel Versailles
    164-2005 Evaluation Committee for Issuance of a RFQ for Programming, Design, Construction Documents, Permitting, Bid and Award, & Construction Mgmt Services for Bicycle/Pedestrian/Greenway Projects to be Known as Atlantic Greenway Network AGN
    163-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices for the Week of June 27-July 1, 2005
    162-2005 Police Staffing Study
    161-2005 Captain Pelosi - Northwestern University Police Staff and Command School
    160-2005 Sunset Harbor - 1900 Purdy Avenue
    159-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices Ad for the Week of June 20 - June 24, 2005
    158-2005 Design Review Board Appeal
    157-2005 Sunset Harbor Notification Letter - 1900 Purdy Avenue
    156-2005 Appointment of Assistant City Managers
    155-2005 Appointment of Code Compliance Division Director
    154-2005 National Association Letter Carriers Cancellation Of 2006 National Convention
    153-2005 "South Beach" Picked Up For UPN
    152-2005 Fiscal Year 05/06 Cultural Arts Grants
    151-2005 Art Basel 2005
    150-2005 Florida Legislative Session
    149-2005 Miami-Dade County Road Impact Fees
    148-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices For The Week Of June 13 - June 17, 2005
    147-2005 Proposed Closure of Southbound I-95 for "Miami Vice" Production
    146-2005 Sunset Harbour Condominium Building (North Tower)
    145-2005 CIP Bi-Weekly Construction Project Update
    144-2005 Miami-Dade County Ordinance To Rescind Two Cents Of The Remaining Three Cents Of The 1993 Five Cents Capital Improvements Local Option Gas Tax
    143-2005 Atlantic Broadband - City of Miami Beach Cable Provider
    142-2005 Special Magistrate Impasse Recommendations
    141-2005 Evaluation Committee For Request For Proposals (RFP) No. 09-04/05 For The Operation Of Vending Machine Concessions At Various Locations On City Of Miami Beach Property
    140-2005 2005 Assessment Roll Estimate
    139-2005 Weekly Meeting Notices For The Week Of June 6 - June 10, 2005
    138-2005 Summons and Complaint for Amended Verified Petition for Temporary Injunction
    137-2005 Bi-Weekly Update
    136-2005 Police Department Promotions
    135-2005 Harding Avenue Project From 88th to 75th Streets
    134-2005 Evaluation Committee For The RFP Issued To Provide For Pre-Employment And Existing Employee Medical Services
    133-2005 World Oceans Day
    132-2005 CIP Bi-Weekly Construction Project Update
    131-2005 Committee of the Whole Meeting
    130-2005 Margaret M. Swett Social Club Banquet Scheduled
    129-2005 Carrfour Harding Village
    128-2005 Violation of the Living Wage Ordinance by Armor Security
    127-2005 "The Streets" Portrays Kids' Daily Challenges
    126-2005 Status Report of Pine Tree Bark Park
    125-2005 Analysis of Budget to Actual Revenues and Expenses for the Six Months ended March 31, 2005, with Oerating Bdget Pojections through September 30, 2005 for General, Enterprise, and Internal Service Funds
    124-2005 World Class Fun & Games
    123-2005 Memorial Day 2005 Holiday Weekend (Thursday, May 26, 2005 - Monday, May 30, 2005)
    122-2005 Cystic Fibrosis Walk - Saturday, May 14, 2005
    121-2005 Sexual Offender Apprehension Program
    120-2005 Leadership Florida Conference
    119-2005 Relay for Life Event on Miami Beach
    118-2005 Deadline Dates to Place an Item(s) on the November 1st General Election or November 15th Runoff Election Ballot
    117-2005 Cultural Affairs Program Manager
    116-2005 Evaluation Committee for Request for Proposal (RFP) No. 04-04-05 / Administration and Management of the Log Cabin Training Center
    115-2005 Evaluation Committee related to request for qualifications (RFQ) No. 10-04/05 professional architectural, landscape architecture, planning & urban design and engineering services
    114-2005 Miami Beach Schools Used as Election Voting Locations
    113-2005 Arrest of Bobby Lee Ashenoff, City Employee
    112-2005 Weekly Update
    111-2005 Closing of the Normandy Shores Golf Course
    110-2005 Free Child Safety Program - DNA Lifeprint Kits
    109-2005 Status of Bay Link Project
    108-2005 Oppose Extension to the Urban Development Boundary
    107-2005 CIP Bi-Weekly Construction Project Update
    106-2005 Miami Beach Featured on Fox's "The O.C." Thursday, April 28
    105-2005 Weekly Update
    104-2005 63rd Street Bridge Rehabilitation/Flyover Demolition/Construction of At-Grade Intersection/Improvements to Indian Creek
    103-2005 Evaluation Committee for Request for Proposals (RFP) for Testing Services/Programs to Determine Qualified Applicants for Police and Fire Entry Level and Classified Promotional Classifications
    102-2005 Evaluation Committee for the Issuance of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Broker/Agent Services to Provide Assistance in Determining the City's Employee Benefits Program
    101-2005 Summer 2005 Recreation Review Magazine
    100-2005 American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) - 2006 Biennial International Convention
    099-2005 Citizen's Advisory Committee for the Oversight of the Miami-Dade County's General Obligation Bonds - Application Process
    098-2005 Letter from Jason Loeb, Board of Adjustment Chair
    097-2005 Washington Avenue Streetscape Project
    096-2005 Pooper Scooper Pilot Project
    095-2005 Sidewalk Project on Pine Tree Drive
    094-2005 Springfest 2005: April 29 - May 1, 2005
    093-2005 New 800 MHzAstro Trunked Simulcast Smart Zone Radio System
    091-2005 Potamkin - Development Agreement
    090-2005 Police Memorial Ceremony
    089-2005 Proposed Evaluation Committee for Development and Implementation of Citywide Corporate Marketing and Sponsorship Program RFP 06-04/05
    088-2005 ICMA-RC Client Advisory Forum Washington, D.C.
    087-2005 Parking Multi-Space Pay Stations - Update
    086-2005 Federal Transportation Reauthorzation Legislations
    085-2005 Miami-Dade County Days
    084-2005 Domestic Violence Unit Initiatives
    083-2005 Fisher Island Municipal Advisory Committee
    082-2005 "Eggstravaganza 2005" Was an Eggcellent Success
    081-2005 Collins Avenue Roadway Improvement Project from 44th Street to 63rd Street
    080-2005 CIP Bi-Weekly Construction Project Update
    079-2005 Panthers Assistant Coach Guy Charron Visits the Scott Rakow Youth Center
    078-2005 Barbara Sanchez 2004 Programs
    077-2005 City of Miami Beach Time Capsule
    076-2005 Harding Avenue Project, from 88th to 75th Streets
    075-2005 Water Clean Up on 29th Street
    074-2005 "Girl's Sleepover" at Scott Rakow Youth Center
    073-2005 Public Safety Initiatives on the Boardwalk
    072-2005 Status Report on the 41st Street Bridges Project
    071-2005 Board and Committee Biannual Reports
    070-2005 "Free Funday" Fills North Shore Park
    069-2005 Beach Renourishment & Erosion Control Projects
    068-2005 Request for Proposals for FY 2005/06 for CDBG Program
    067-2005 Leadership Florida Conference Tallahassee, Florida
    066-2005 Parking Meter Rentals "Bagging"
    065-2005 Weekly Update
    064-2005 Miami Beach Real Estate
    063-2005 Leo Award Recipients
    062-2005 "Movie In The Park" Is a Hit Wtih Residents
    061-2005 RFP No. 48-03/04 - Collection and Disposal of Residential Solid Waste
    060-2005 Update Report on Homeless Outreach Services
    059-2005 Old City Hall
    058-2005 Attorney General Storefront Project
    057-2005 Washington Avenue Streetscape Project
    056-2005 CIP Bi-weekly Construction Pproject Update
    055-2005 Citywide Computer Virus
    054-2005 Police Retiree's Roll of Honor Ceremony
    053-2005 Royal Palm Closing
    052-2005 900 Collins Avenue - Coral Rock Home Demolition Status Report
    051-2005 Weekly Update
    050-2005 Building Department Update
    049-2005 Women's History Month
    048-2005 Colony Theater Restoration and Renovation Update
    047-2005 Board and Committee Vacancies
    046-2005 Excellence Miami Beach
    045-2005 2005 M.A.D.D. Awards
    044-2005 Renowned Ballet Ensemble To Dance at North Shore Youth Center
    043-2005 "How to Bid" Seminar Associated with the Auction for the Sale of the City-Owned Property located at 2620 Biarritz Drive, Miami Beach, Florida
    042-2005 Swale Ordinance Discussion with Community Homeowner Associations
    041-2005 Crime Statistics Annual Report for 2004
    040-2005 Business and Civic Organization Satisfaction Surveys
    039-2005 Parks & Recreation - Sports Expo / Valentine's / Town Meeting Update
    038-2005 Traffic Impact Study for the Meridian Project
    037-2005 Resignation Letter: Jerry Libbin
    036-2005 64th Annual Boat Show
    035-2005 Existing Vacancies on City Development Review Boards
    034-2005 Stepping Up For Health
    033-2005 "Movie In The Park" Debuts at North Shore Park
    032-2005 Final Copy of English and Spanish Resident Survey
    031-2005 Weekly Update
    030-2005 TV 20 Programming Schedule
    029-2005 Subtitling of the February 2nd commission Meeting
    028-2005 Evaluation committee for Staff Study
    027-2005 Atlantic Broadband Notification of a Cable Rate Increase
    026-2005 Third Semi-Annual Joint Workshop Meeting For Elected Officials
    025-2005 Early Voting Locations and Dates/Times for the March 8, 2005 Special Election
    024-2005 Miami International Film Festival
    023-2005 Miami Dade County Library Branch Relocations
    022-2005 900 Collins Avenue - Coral Rock Home, Demolition Status Report
    021-2005 Demolition of Par 3 golf Course Starter Shack and the Washington Avenue Park Buildings
    020-2005 Update on Status of Auction of the City-Owned Property Located on 2620 Biarritz Drive
    019-2005 CIP Bi-weekly Construction Project Update
    018-2005 Film Outlook 2005
    017-2005 Personnel Transfers
    016-2005 Resident Survey
    015-2005 Miami Beach Environmental Assessment
    014-2005 Leadership Florida Conference - Jacksonville, Florida
    013-2005 Miami Tropical Marathon - Community Meeting
    012-2005 LEO Foundation Awards
    011-2005 CIP Bi-Weekly Construction Project Update
    010-2005 Crime Prevention Fair
    009-2005 Transportation and Parking Committee Meeting
    008-2005 Resident Satisfaction Survey
    007-2005 Cultural Arts Council Vacancies
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