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    Rafael E. Granado, City Clerk, serves as the Official Secretary for the City Commission, the Miami Beach Redevelopment Agency, and the Board of Directors of the Safe Neighborhoods Improvement Districts (SNID). The Office of the City Clerk is responsible for:

    ♦  distributing and maintaining records of all Agency, Commission and SNID meetings;

    ♦  publishing notices of proposed and adopted ordinances and emergency ordinances;

    ♦  maintaining a record of all City-owned property, including custody of all warranty deeds, easements, rights-of-way and abandonments;

     “We are dedicated to serving as the secretary and custodian of the City Seal, compiling official City Commission and Redevelopment Agency agendas and minutes, providing quality print, copy and mail services and serving as the facilitator in providing public records and information expeditiously to the City Commission, the public, City staff and other governmental agencies and all City departments.”


    Front row, from left to right: Lilia Cardillo, agenda coordinator; Liliam R. Hatfield, assistant city clerk; Rafael E. Granado, city clerk; Cynthia Neves, code violation clerk; Lillian Beauchamp, office associate IV.
    Back row, from left to right: Regis Barbou, office associate V; Isabel Satchell, special master clerk - red light camera; Fernanda Silva, code violation clerk; Clara La Rosa, office associate III; Patrick Camm, administrative aide I.

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