APRIL 3, 2000


    1. Attendance - See Attendance Sheet Attached.

    2. Review and Acceptance of March 6, 2000 Minutes.

    DISCUSSION:Mike Brazlavsky raised the issue of the role of ex-officio members.

    He requested that at the next meeting the City Attorney report on the role of ex-officio members of Oversight Committees. He explained that there is a difference between Oversight Committees and Advisory Committees and that the duties of Oversight Committees are such that ex-officio members should be given voting privileges and the ability to make motions.

    ACTION: A motion to approve the Minutes of March 6, 2000 Committee Meeting was made by Larry Herrup. Frank Del Vecchio seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

    3. Report on City Commission actions of March 15, 2000.

    DISCUSSION: Janet Gavarrete reported that Marseille Drive and 77th Street streetscape projects were approved by the City Commission.

    4. Report on District Meetings, Neighborhood Meeting and Next Steps:

    DISCUSSION:Matthew Schwartz thanked the G.O. Bond Board Members and City staff for their involvement in the District and Neighborhood Meetings. He reported that many of the same themes were repeated at the 13 Neighborhood Meetings: drainage, streetscapes, maintenance, undergrounding of utilities and park upgrades.

    The meetings were part of a three phase planning process; (1) obtain community input, (2) define projects and budgets and coordinate with water, stormwater and sewer projects; and (3) define neighborhood plans.

    He explained that there will be an emphasis on quick starting projects. The meetings also produced an extensive list of projects which may not be funded by G.O. Bonds and the City may have to locate other funding sources for these projects.

    Amy Rabin suggested having future meeting notices sent with water bills.

    Frank Del Vecchio reported on the South Beach Neighborhood Meetings.

    He complimented the City for creating an open and productive process of neighborhood planning. South Beach concerns included; access across neighborhoods, pedestrian access, integrated transportation system which includes traffic routes that work.

    5. Proposed Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Revenue Bonds:

    DISCUSSION: Matthew Schwartz reported on the proposed $92 million Water, Stormwater, and Wastewater Revenue Bonds program which will be presented to the City Commission in late summer or early fall. These projects will be coordinated with G.O. Bond streetscape projects. At the next meeting he will present a list of projects and timelines for completion.

    Commissioner Dermer questioned the high water bills many residents complained about at Neighborhood Meetings. He asked whether there was a less costly way to improve the systems without undergrounding a complete overhaul of the system. Mr. Schwartz reported that the major focus is to replace major lines and that the City is looking at the most cost effective ways to make these improvements.

    6. Status Update on G.O. Bond Projects:

    DISCUSSION: Janet Gavarrete requested to defer this report to the next meeting. The report will include a status of each project including benchmarks and timelines.

    ACTION: Frank Del Vecchio made a motion to defer the status report on G.O. Bond projects to the next meeting. John Mallah seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

    7. RFQ Selection Committees Update:

    DISCUSSION: Janet Gavarrete reported that 13 projects, funded in whole or in part by G.O. Bonds, have had Request for Qualifications (RFQ) issued.

    All projects have been responded to by private architectural, engineering, and/or landscape architectural firms. Selection Committees have met and reviewed written proposals. Selection Committees will hear presentations by competing firms on April 10th, 11th and 14th. The City Commission will receive rankings from Selection Committee at its April 26, 2000 meeting at which time they will authorize the City Administration to proceed with contract negotiations. Negotiations will take 4-6 weeks to complete and final awards should be issued in late May or early June.

    8. Funding of Maintenance and Operations of Capital Projects:

    DISCUSSION: Janet Gavarrete requested to defer this item to the May meeting. She will be reporting on maintenance and operation funding for three types of projects: streetscapes, parks and public facilities.

    ACTION:Frank Del Vecchio made a motion to defer the report for Funding of Maintenance and Operations of Capital projects. John Mallah seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

    9. Endowment Program:

    DISCUSSION:Janet Gavarrete gave a presentation on models of endowment program other cities have established and possible steps the City could take to proceed with studying the establishment of an endowment.

    Commissioner Dermer requested that the item be referred to the City Commission for discussion

    Leonard Wien reported that the Residential Life Committee of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce had discussed the maintenance issue. He recommended getting the public involved in the creation of a public/private partnership. The Chamber of Commerce would like to participate in working on improving maintenance, finding new funding opportunities, and establishing a mechanism to accept funding from corporations and private funds to maintain City parks.

    John Mallah asked whether there is coordination between design of projects and future maintenance costs. Janet Gavarrete responded that this issue is reviewed for each project.

    ACTION:Larry Herrup made a motion to refer the Endowment for Parks and Open Space Maintenance and Operations item to the City Commission for discussion. Frank Del Vecchio seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

    10. Presentation on Art in Public Places Ordinance:

    DISCUSSION: James Quinlan presented a report on the Art in Public Places Ordinance and selection process. He listed the following G.O. Bond Projects will contribute 1 1/2% of construction costs to the Art in Public Places:

    * Fire Stations #2 and #4

    * Public Works Facility

    * Property Management Facility

    * North Shore Open Space Park and Nature Center

    * North Shore Park and Youth Center

    * Normandy Shore Clubhouse

    * Flamingo Pool

    * South Pointe Park

    * South Pointe Streetscape Plaza at 3rd Street

    Commissioner Dermer asked whether there is a more cost effective way to do the artistic treatment at the South Pointe Pump Station. He recommended that cost conscious budget concerns be included in the "Call to Artists" when this project is advertised. He stated that the role of the G.O. Bond Project Oversight Committee is to make sure that appropriate projects contribute 1 1/2% of construction costs to the Art in Public Places fund.

    11. Presentation by Miami Beach Community Development Corporation regarding UNIDAD's Training Program:

    DISCUSSION: Roberto Datorre presented the UNIDAD Training program and requested that the City assist this organization through hiring the individuals who have been trained through this program.

    Raymond Adrian, UNIDAD Senior Program Director, reported on the job training program for seniors. This program trains Miami-Dade County residents, 55 years old or older with low income, to find work for mature workers. These individuals are paid during the training program. Mr. Adrian requested that the City encourage developers and outside corporations to hire their clients at management level. Ms. Gavarrete explained that the majority of the G.O. Bond Projects hire either professionals such as architects and engineers or construction workers. She volunteered to have UNIDAD information available in the Procurement Department for firms bidding on City contracts.

    Larry Herrup requested that UNIDAD and other job training organizations be given notification of firms bidding on City work. He also suggested that new jobs, especially in parks, will become available and UNIDAD trainees should be considered.

    Frank Del Vecchio suggested that this information could be included on the City's web page.

    Frank Del Vecchio asked whether the City has Section 3 HUD employment and training programs. The City Administration will report back regarding this issue at the next meeting.

    12. Next Meeting date:

    DISCUSSION: Commissioner Dermer suggested changing the next meeting date to late May or June. The Committee approved to change the next meeting date to June 5, 2000. This will allow the City Administration to report on the next round of community meetings and selection of consulting firms.

    Ms. Gavarrete reported that there may be 3 - 4 new projects which may need to have RFQ's issued in order to move them forward. These projects will have to be approved by the City Commission before the next G.O. Bond Project Oversight Committee.

    Larry Herrup expressed concern about false starts when bids on projects are let out and the financing is not in place. The City Administration needs to work closely with the Finance Department to make sure that funding is in place before bids are awarded.

    ACTION: Frank Del Vecchio made a motion to endorse projects which need to be approved by City Commission before the Committee's next meeting June 5, 2000. Larry Herrup seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

    13. The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

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