SEPTEMBER 11, 2000


    1. Attendance - See Attendance Sheet attachment. Lawrence Levy, First City Attorney, swore in Victor Diaz, a new member representing the Historic Preservation Board.

    2.Review and Acceptance of August 7, 2000 meeting minutes.

    ACTION: A motion to approve the minutes of the August 7, 2000 Committee meeting was made by Frank Del Vecchio. Marty Hyman seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved. (00-0911-1)

    3. Status Update of G.O. Bond Projects.

    Matthew Schwartz, Assistant City Manager; Kevin Smith, Director of the Parks and Recreation Department; and Floyd Jordan, Fire Chief, reviewed the progress of G.O. Bond projects.

    DISCUSSION:Leonard Wien requested that staff prepare for each meeting a simple progress report for each project including a brief description and percentage of work completed. Mr. Wien provided an example of the type of report requested.

    4. Report Regarding Architectural and Engineering Fees and Projects Eligible for Art in Public Places Program

    Matthew Schwartz presented the report and stated that between 81% - 88% of project budgets are available for construction after soft costs are deducted.


    Roberto Datorre questioned the percentage the City pays for architectural and engineering fees. Some fees may be too large and should be studied further.

    Roberto Datorre asked for information concerning the Art in Public Places Program (AIPP). Raul Aguila, explained that the AIPP requires that 1 2 of construction budget and A/E fees for city funded new construction or expansion of city-owned facilities be contributed to the AIPP. The AIPP Committee determines how the funds will be spent and where artwork will be placed. However, by a 5/7ths vote the City Commission may waive the AIPP requirement.

    Victor Diaz recommended that staff prepare a budget for all projects eligible for AIPP and communicate this to the AIPP Committee. The G.O. Bond Oversight Committee should be represented on AIPP subcommittees regarding expenditure of G.O. Bond contributions.

    John Mallah requested that the AIPP Committee report back regarding their proposals for expenditure of G.O. Bond funds for artwork and the installation sites selected. The Committee expressed interest in having artwork placed at G.O. Bond project sites.

    Victor Diaz recommended the City look into paying flat fees for a/e fees rather than a percentage of the project construction budget.

    ACTION: Leonard Wien made a motion to accept the report. Larry Herrup seconded the motion. Victor Diaz amended the motion to include the following: (1) staff study a/e fees per project; and (2) revisit the AIPP element and consider either a waiver of AIPP or placement of AIPP artwork at G.O. Bond project sites. Leonard Wien accepted the amendment. The amended motion was unanimously approved. (00-0911-2)

    5. Interim Report - 10th Street Auditorium

    Commissioner Dermer invited the public to speak on this item.

    • Nina Weber Worth - Chair, Parks and Recreation Facilities Advisory Board

    Ms. Worth stated that the Parks and Recreation Facilities Board reviewed the 10th Street Auditorium and recommends that the City find alternative spaces for auditorium uses and Miami Design Preservation League store and reserve park usage for the park's sake. The Board recognizes the need for Beach Patrol Headquarter expansion and that the G.O. Bond funds would be better spent expanding the Beach Patrol Headquarters rather than investing in the renovation of the auditorium.

    Ms. Weber also reported that the Parks and Recreation Facilities Advisory Board approved a motion to endorse no expansion of parking in South Pointe Park and that the City should find alternatives for parking needs such as a park and drive program.

    Jorge Chartrand, from Public Works Construction Management Department, reported that there is $690,000 from G.O. Bond funds allocated for the 10th Street Auditorium renovation and expansion of Beach Patrol Headquarters. City staff has revisited the scope of work for the project and recommends hiring STA Architectural Group to develop a Master Site Plan with various options including: (1) renovation of the existing facility, including the restoration and expansion of the Beach Patrol; (2) expansion of the auditorium; (3) new acoustical sound proofing, interior/exterior lighting, A/C, roofing and exterior renovations; and (4) restoration of the Beach Patrol Headquarters back to its original decor. After the study is prepared, staff will schedule public workshops to receive input from the community regarding the options. A report will be presented back to the G.O. Bond Oversight Committee and, upon approval, transmitted to the City Commission.

    ACTION:Victor Varela made a motion to recommend acceptance to expend $8,000 with STA Architectural Group to develop a Master Site Plan for 10th Street Auditorium/Beach Patrol Headquarters. Roberto Datorre seconded the motion. Victor Varela withdrew his motion.


    Victor Diaz reported that the Historic Preservation Board has a strong interest in the 10th Street Auditorium. He recommended that before spending any money on a/e fees that the project should be taken to the Historic Preservation Board to determine preliminary criteria. In addition, he questioned whether a G.O. Bond project description could be altered. He stated that STA Architectural Group has previously prepared renderings for the 10th Street Auditorium renovation and that those plans should be presented at public meetings.

    Victor Varela expressed concern that the auditorium has not been thoroughly discussed and the project needs to go through a process to receive public input.

    Marty Hyman stated that the project description is vague and the public should make the final decision regarding what is the appropriate plan for the Auditorium.

    ACTION:Marty Hyman made a motion to defer the item. Amy Rabin seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved. (00-0911-3)

    John Mallah requested that the public meetings be held at the facility.

    6. Water and Wastewater Revenue Bonds

    Michael Alvarez, Assistant Public Works Director, reported on the $54.6 million Water and Wastewater Revenue Bond projects. He stated that they have 5 years to complete the bond projects. The schedule for these projects may impact G.O. Bond streetscape projects which coincide. He added that the Stormwater Revenue Bonds, after approval by City Commission, will be sold in October/November, 2000.

    7. Preliminary Report - South Shore (6th Street) Community Center

    Christina Cuervo, Assistant City Manager, reported on the South Shore Community Center. The administration is preliminarily recommending renovation of the facility. The City has met with all the users and the space allocation plan has met with their approval. Most of the renovation work will be handled by the City's Property Management Department and will result in a considerable savings. All leases on city-owned property in which G.O. Bonds have been invested require bond counsel approval. There is $30,000 from CDBG funds available for the renovation of the playground. Other funding from CDBG may also be available.


    Leonard Wien recommended the City sell this facility and build a more suitable building at another location. Ms. Cuervo explained that the City investigated other locations and the only viable alternative site was a park and would require an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan. She stated that there is a viable space plan at the existing facility which meets the needs of the users.

    ACTION:Frank del Vecchio made a motion to accept the report. Victor Varela seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved. (00-0911-4)

    Marty Hyman stated that the City cannot supervise its own work. The City must hold in-house work at the same standard and quality as it holds outside contractors' work.

    8. Construction/Program Management for Infrastructure Projects

    Matthew Schwartz reported that the Selection Committee will meet on September 28, 2000 to receive presentations from the 5 firms. The RFQ precludes successful proposers from managing their own projects, however, it does not preclude firms from applying for the position if they are involved in City projects or wish to apply for future projects. Conflict of Interest checks have been conducted on Selection Committee members and all applicants.

    ACTION: Roberto Datorre made a motion which would prevent any member of a management team to participate in any G.O. Bond project. Mike Rotbart seconded the motion. Commissioner Dermer, Mike Rotbart and Roberto Datorre voted in favor. Frank del Vecchio, Amy Rabin, Larry Herrup, John Mallah, Victor Varela, Leonard Wien and Marty Hyman voted against the motion. The motion failed. (00-0911-5)


    Raul Aguila cautioned the committee that there may be legal implications if new language is introduced to a RFQ which had been previously issued. All of the 5 finalists would be affected by the motion.

    Victor Diaz recommended that the Selection Committee should consider, as part of its criteria, the following: (1) the degree a firm is involved in current City projects; and (2) the degree a firm intends to bid on future City projects. The Selection Committee should report back to the G.O. Bond Oversight Committee before taking their selection to the City Commission for approval.

    John Mallah requested to be provided with the following information from the RFQ: (1) Certificate of Interested Persons; (2) Corporate Disclosure form including what level of subsidiaries; and (3) consequences for either incomplete or false disclosure regarding subsidiary or Certificate of Interested Persons within corporations.

    9. Review of Upcoming City Commission G.O. Bond project Items: 

    A. Citywide Signage R.F.P.

    Michael Alvarez reviewed the reason for issuing the R.F.P. He would like to continue with the same Selection Committee from the R.F.Q. The R.F.P. will include various types of signage including electronic signage.

    ACTION: Victor Varela made a motion to recommend acceptance of the Signage R.F.P. Larry Herrup seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved. (00-0911-6)

    B. 10th Street Auditorium Contract (see item 5, motion 00-0911-3)

    C. Arborist Contract

    Matthew Schwartz explained that in order to save money for projects such as beach planting and neighborhood streetscapes, the Administration has hired an arborist. The arborist will consult on a per hour basis. This will eliminate the need for an a/e firm to design beach planting and the arborist will determine placement of plants and the planting will be performed by in-house staff. The arborist will also consult on other projects as needed.

    ACTION: Frank del Vecchio made a motion to recommend acceptance to expend up to $40,000 to hire an arborist. Leonard Wien seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved. (00-0911-7)

    D. Roof Repair Survey

    Matthew Schwartz explained the need for a roof repair survey. The report, once completed, will be presented to the G.O. Bond Oversight Committee for review.

    ACTION:Marty Hyman made a motion to recommend acceptance to expend $25,000 for a roof repair survey and to expend $150,000, available for FY 2000/2001, for the repair and replacement of roofs Citywide . Roberto Datorre seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved. (00-0911-8)

    E. Chase Avenue Streetscape

    ACTION: Leonard Wien made a motion to recommend acceptance to expend $100,000 for streetscape improvements along Chase Avenue with funding available from the Bayshore Neighborhood Streetscape improvement project. Victor Varela seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved. (00-0911-9)

    F. North Shore Park Contract Amendment

    Matthew Schwartz presented this item for information purposes. No motion was necessary.

    10. G.O. Bond Administrative Budget

    Matthew Schwartz requested to defer this item until the next meeting.

    11. G.O. Bond Annual Report

    Ronnie Singer, Executive Assistant to the City Manager, explained the need for an annual report from the G.O. Bond Oversight Committee. The report will communicate to the public the Committee's work over its first year. The report will be mailed to all registered voters and to the G.O. Bond mailing list.

    12. Public Comment

    Sean Leydin discussed the problem of vandalism in the parks. He suggested that the Police Department establish a program of community policing of parks and have police officers patrol parks on bicycle. He also recommended that Parks Department staff poll park users to determine how to better serve the public with recreation programs. Commissioner Dermer explained that these suggestions were outside of the scope of work of the G.O. Bond Oversight Committee. Other members recommended that Mr. Leydin present these suggestions to other City and neighborhood committees.

    The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m.

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