JANUARY 8, 2001


    1.Attendance - See Attendance Sheet attachment.

    2. Review and Acceptance of December 11, 2000 meeting minutes.

    ACTION: A motion to approve the minutes of the December 11, 2000 Committee meeting was made by Frank Del Vecchio. Larry Herrup seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved. (01-0108-1)

    3. Set Date for G.O. Bond Oversight Committee Tour of Projects

    Matthew Schwartz suggested that a tour or G.O. Bond project sites be scheduled. The Committee agreed that a date should be set and that the tour should commence at 3:30 p.m. on whatever date is acceptable to Committee members.

    4. Progress Report of G.O. Bond Projects

    Matthew Schwartz and Kevin Smith reviewed the progress of neighborhood and parks projects.


    Roberto Sanchez requested that if there were any major design changes made to the Normandy Pool and Park project when it is rebid, that those changes be reviewed by the Committee.

    Frank Del Vecchio requested a report regarding the Property Management facility be put on the agenda for the February meeting.

    4. Update on Hazen and Sawyer Contract for Program Management for Projects Within the Public Right of Way

    Matthew Schwartz reported on the Hazen and Sawyer contract. He requested that the Committee recommend to the City Commission the allocation of $414,666 for FY 2001 from G.O. Bond - Series 2000 bonds for program management services for Hazen and Sawyer. The amount of the allocation is the maximum amount the City would be charged for services. The consultants will bill hourly and the full amount may not be needed. The City is finalizing the contract and intends to present it to the City Commission for approval at its January 31, 2001 meeting.


    Victor Diaz recommended the following items be included in the contract: (1) cost overrun and time delay provision which would make the consultants liable if their services do not provide preventative actions; (2) identify name of attorney engaged by consultants to review contracts; and (3) attorney must have demonstrated knowledge of this field and not be doing business with the City.

    Marty Hyman requested that the consultant should prepare an annual report regarding how much was saved from value engineering.

    Larry Herrup recommended that the City allocate the Hazen and Sawyer fees from the 13 neighborhood funding and provide monthly reports on status of each neighborhood budget regarding Hazen and Sawyer fees.

    Frank Del Vecchio questioned the scope of services for public relations work. Matthew Schwartz explained that this element of the contract is a proposal and those services may be provided if the City requests them.

    Raul Aguila, First City Attorney, welcomed the input from the Committee. He suggested that other program management contracts that he had reviewed had an early work provision which would allow consultants to begin work and be compensated before the final contract is executed.

    ACTION: Frank Del Vecchio made a motion to have the G.O. Bond Oversight Committee discuss the scope of work for the Hazen and Sawyer contract prior to City Commission approval. Leonard Wien seconded the motion. John Mallah made an amendment to the motion to have the Committee review the entire contract, not just the scope of work. Frank Del Vecchio and Leonard Wien accepted the amendment.

    The amended motion was unanimously approved. (01-0108-2) A special meeting to review the Hazen and Sawyer contract was scheduled for Monday, January 22, 2001 at 5:30 p.m. in the City Commission Chambers.


    6. 10th Street Auditorium/Beach Patrol Headquarters Workshop Report

    Commissioner Dermer requested that the public would speak before the item was discussed by the Committee.

    • David Kelsey stated that the auditorium should never have been built at that location because it divides Lummus Park into two parts. Eliminating the auditorium would save money. The auditorium is not used and not needed. The Life Guard facility should be restored.
    • Bill Donahue stated that the auditorium is a nice building and could be used by the Wolfsonian or for a satellite police station.
    • Herb Sosa, Executive Director of Miami Design Preservation League, stated that the auditorium is a viable and useful building which needs to be refurbished. Neglect is not a viable reason to demolish a building.
    • Betty Gutierrez stated that the auditorium is an important part of Lummus Park area and serves South Beach. There are opportunities to use the building and she looks forward to bringing the building back to life.
    • Dr. Judith Berson, Edison Hotel owner, stated that she had recently coordinated a WWII veterans reunion and the auditorium was the only place to host the event. The building needs attention and could become a site for cultural events. The welcome center should be expanded because it is the center point of the Art Deco district. The building could be improved by having a 1930's facade erected on the front.
    • Michael Kinerk, Chair of the Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL), discussed the following issues; (1) MDPL is listening to the community but is not in favor of demolition; (2) people may not have voted for the G.O. Bond program if demolition of the auditorium had been proposed; (3) MDPL is interested in an interpretative center which would benefit tourists and hotels; (4) auditorium should not be torn down until another facility takes it place; and (5) deferred maintenance is the cause of the poor condition of the building.
    • Thorn Grafton discussed a "visioning" process to look at alternative uses of the building and site. He gave as examples the Miami Beach Library which was built in front of the old library building and the Miami-Dade Library building which was removed from Bayfront Park in order to open up the park.
    • Erika Brigham supported the "visioning" process to look at options and funding sources. She was concerned about the sidewalk expansion project and how it will relate to the auditorium. The auditorium would require a lot of funding to restore it to a first class facility.
    • Aida Llerandi stated that cultural groups could use the facility for performances and rehearsals.


    Commision Dermer requested that staff make recommendations to the Committee at its March meeting.

    Jorge Chartrand, Project Manager, explained that the G.O. Bond Oversight Committee had recommended that the City go to the public and receive input about future uses of the facilities.

    Victor Diaz made the following remarks: (1) the auditorium is designated as a contributing building and has legal protection within the City Code; (2) the legal issues described in the City attorney opinion would only require a referendum; (3) he will file a lawsuit against the City if G.O. Bond funds are used to demolish the building; (4) Miami Beach Architectural Historic District encompasses more than just Art Deco architecture; (5) recommends "visioning" session to determine uses of building as a educational and cultural center; (6) blight is nothing but a deteriorated building; (7) would volunteer to participate in a "visioning" session to discuss uses for the building; and (8) it would be improper to consider demolition without opinion from Historic Preservation Board.

    John Mallah suggested that whatever recommendeations are proposed they should be within the budget, or the City should wait to obtain enough funding to make significant improvements.

    Frank Del Vecchio stated that the role of the G.O. Bond Oversight Committee is to perform careful critique of the Administration's recommendations.

    Larry Herrup recommenmded that the City come back to the Committee with an integrated plan for the expenditure of the $690,000, and a master plan for the entire project.

    ACTION: Marty Hyman made a motion not to recommend total demolition of the auditorium to City Commission. He withdrew his motion


    7. Review of Upcoming City Commission G.O. Bond Project Items:

    Scope of Work for Group III Neighborhood Streetscapes (North Shore, Biscayne Point and La Gorce)

    • P. Randolph Reich suggested that there needs to be more communication with neighborhoods. He volunteered to serve on an evaluation committee for his neighborhood, Biscayne Point.

    Commissioner Dermer requested staff to develop a schedule for neighborhood meetings.

    ACTION:Michael Rotbart made a motion to recommend to the City Commission approval of the scope of work for Group III Neighborhood Streetscapes RFQ (North Shore, Biscayne Point and La Gorce). Amy Rabin seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved. (01-0108-3)

    8. Change Orders (12/11/00 - 1/8/01)


    Kevin Perkins, Public Works Department, presented the change order information for the 77th Street project. The City is negotiating with the contractor to do work without incurring more costs to the City.

    Marty Hyman recommended that the Committee review change orders but not to micromanage them.

    Commissioner Dermer suggested that the Committee should depend on Marty Hyman as a resource to review change orders and provide advice to the Committee.

    Mike Rotbart questioned a safety issue on Tatum Waterway. Kevin Perkins explained that it conforms to traffic standards. Matthew Schwartz will have the City traffic expert look at this issue.

    9. Informational Items:

    Matthew Schwartz presented these items to the Committee.

    A. Resolution Rejecting All Responses to that Certain portion for Qualifications (RFQ) No. 41-99/00, Reference Project No. 8 - Beach Planting

    B. Resolution Appropriating Funds in the Amount of $16,000 from $92 Million G.O. Bonds Series 2000 as a City Match to the Funds Allocated by the Miami Beach Visitors and Convention Authority to Complete the Analysis of City Signage.

    C. G.O. Bond Annual Report

    Commissioner Dermer commended City staff on the production of the Annual Report.

    The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

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