June 12, 2000


    1. Attendance - See Attendance Sheet Attached. Note: Neil Fritz resigned from the Transportation Parking Committee and will no longer serve on the G.O. Bond Program Oversight Committee. A new representative will be appointed.

    2. Review and Acceptance of April 3, 2000 meeting minutes.

    ACTION:A motion to approve the minutes of the April 3, 2000 Committee Meeting was made by Larry Herrup. Leonard Wien seconded the motion. Frank Del Vecchio made two corrections to the minutes. The minutes were unanimously approved as amended.

    Raul Aguila, First Assistant City Attorney, swore in Michael Rotbart as a new member of the Committee.

    3. Report from the Legal Department regarding role of ex-officio members.

    DISCUSSION:Raul Aguila, from the City Attorney's office, reviewed the role of ex-officio members. Mr. Aguila explained that there are two members serving on the Committee as ex-officio, non-voting members: representatives from the Historic Preservation Board and Community Development Advisory Committee. If the Committee decides to amend the Committee's enabling Legislation to allow ex-officio members to vote and make motions, the amendment would be subject to review by the Mayor and City Commission and require two readings.

    ACTION:Commissioner David Dermer asked if there was a motion to amend. No motion was made and the issue was not acted upon.

    4. Status update on G.O. Bond projects.

    DISCUSSION: Assistant City Manager, Matthew Schwartz, presented a power point report on the status of G.O. Bond projects (see attachment). The following projects were discussed in detail:

    6th Street Community Center:

    Ricardo Mendez, Construction Management Division of Public Work Department, discussed the report from the project consultant regarding the 6th Street Community Center. The preliminary report indicated that it would be more economically feasible to rebuild the facility rather than renovate it. The estimated cost to rebuild the facility $1,460,200 and a total of 2,000 square feet in additional space would be provided if a new facility were built. If the facility is renovated it would have to be brought up to code and that would cost approximately $1,259,500 which would leave nothing for the desired interior improvements. The renovations would not guarantee that all service providers would be satisfactorily provided for. The Administration recommends rebuilding the facility. This would require meeting with tenants and providing a timetable and plan for relocation.

    Frank Del Vecchio stated that the G.O. Bond project list dedicates $1,259,000 for the facility. The building is deteriorated and there are insufficient funds to renovate and upgrade the facility. Mr. Del Vecchio posed two questions: (1) Can money be found to fully renovate or rebuild a new facility? This will require approval by G.O. Bond Oversight Committee, Finance and Citywide Projects Committee and City Commission. (2) Is it feasible or prudent to renovate an existing building or to rebuild a new facility?

    Commissioner Nancy Liebman discussed the meeting of the Finance and Citywide Projects Committee when this issue was discussed. The Committee recommended that it would be more prudent to replace the facility with the caveat that all service providers/tenants currently using the facility be relocated during construction. Commissioner Liebman assured service providers that the City Commission would not displace them. She stated that the Administration needs to formulate a plan to relocate tenants during construction.

    Commissioner Matti Bower stated that she is concerned about agencies housed in the facility and advised that the Administration should carefully and appropriately handle the transition. In the end the service providers will have a better facility than they have now.

    Leonard Wien suggested that there may be a way to leave agencies where they are during construction and to rebuild a new facility at a different location in the neighborhood.

    Larry Herrup expressed concern about the cost of asbestos removal and/or abatement and whether that was included in the budget.

    Mike Brazlavsky cautioned that the new South Florida Building Code becomes effective January, 2001 and renovations and/or new construction will have to comply with new standards.

    Commissioner Dermer invited the public to comment. The following individuals made statements:

    • Cecilia Hunt - Rainbow Intergenerational Child Care

    Ms. Hunt explained that her program provides day care for working families with no other alternatives for child care and provides income for seniors who work at the center. She expressed concern about the need to continue the program. Ms. Hunt also requested that the City install a rubberized surface in the children's play area.

    • Steve Weisberg - Elderly Services

    Provides Meals on Wheels for 100 seniors a day. He is concerned that it would not be easy to find a temporary location for the program.

    • Margarita Cepeda - Executive Director Miami Beach Hispanic Community Center

    Ms. Cepeda explained that the Miami Beach Hispanic Community Center provides $1.3 million in services to the City. Over 3,000 individuals are annually served by its programs. She expressed concern that the agency be part of the planning process for the building renovation or redesign. Also, she wanted assurance that the agency will be allowed to participate in any plans for temporary relocation during construction.

    • Victor Diaz - President Hispanic Community Center

    Mr. Diaz explained that the Miami Beach Hispanic Community Center provides the only job training and job placement program in the City of Miami Beach. He stated 3 concerns: (1) there needs to be guaranteed funding in place before facility is renovated or rebuilt; (2) the Administration needs to take time to relocate programs because service providers have contractual obligations to deliver services and need adequate space to provide such services; and (3) the Administration should scrutinize architect's report, obtain independent review by the Building Department, and provide comprehensive cost benefit analysis including costs of relocation of services during construction.

    • Josefina Carbonnel - Child Care Provider

    Ms. Carbonnel explained that she would like to assist and become part of the solution. If her program is relocated she would require financial assistance. Her program has specific requirements to meet State standards for child care. The Elderly Social Service and Nutrition Program is overextended and needs additional space.

    • Ivette Borrello - 6th Street Task Force Group

    She stated that the new building or renovated building should include a facility for meetings. The architecture should be sympathetic with the surrrounding Art Deco buildings. The area is a high crime area and the new facility should improve the neighborhood.

    Commissioner Dermer closed the public comments session and requested comments from Committee members.

    Commisioner Dermer stated that the 6th Street Community Center issues should have been reviewed by the G.O. Bond Program Oversight Committee before being considered at the Finance and Citywide Projects Committee. The Administration responded that the May G.O. Bond Program Oversight Committee was cancelled.

    Lawrence Levy, City Manager, suggested that there may be an opportunity for a land swap which would allow service providers/tenants to remain in the existing facility during construction.

    Larry Herrup expressed concern that the facility should be better maintained. This is a 31 year old building, and due to deferred maintainance it has deteriated. It is imperative that the Administration maintain new facilities.

    John Mallah expressed concern that the G.O. Bond Program Oversight Committee's mandate does not include determining whether to renovate or rebuild a facility. He suggested that a committee be established to review issues, submit a report by a specific date and that no funds should be spent on the project until the report is completed. The report should include: (1) projected uses of the facility; (2) realistic timetable for relocation; (3) current contractual obligations of service providers; and (4) determine costs for interim location and how those costs will be funded. He expressed concern that funding for this projects should not be appropriated until additional information is obtained.

    ACTION:John Mallah made a motion not to appropriate funding for the 6th Street Community Center at this time. Mike Rotbart seconded the motion. The motion passed, Frank Del Vecchio voted against it.

    ACTION: John Mallah made a motion that the Administration should prepare a report regarding the 6th Street Community Center and present it at the September 11, 2000 G.O. Bond Program Oversight Committee meeting. Larry Herrup seconded the motion. Frank Del Vecchio requested that the report include: (1) a building program with participation from current service providers/tenants; (2) preliminary analysis of options to either rebuild or renovate including providing service providers temperory locations to operate during construction; and (3) evaluate supportive costs to provide temporary off-site locations for service providers to operate. The motion was unanimously approved.

    5. Status Report - Finance Department

    G.O. Bond Funding

    Proposed Water/Wastewater and Stormwater Revenue Bonds

    Matthew Schwartz reported that Water/Wastewater Revenue Bonds and Stormwater Revenue Bonds will be presented to the City Commission in July.

    Lawrence Levy reported that $30 million will become available from Gulf Breeze Loan Pool. There may be a short City Commisiion meeting either July 1 or August1 to approve bond documents. The bonds will be issued at a fixed rate and the only fees incurred will be the cost of bond council.

    6. Report on Community Meetings and Approval of Capital Improvement Program.

    Mark Alvarez, Project Coordinator, gave a power point presentation (see attached).

    Matthew Schwartz reported that two issues arose from community meetings: (1) 5th and 6th Streets had been ommitted from streetscape improvement projects and will be incorporated as part of the RDA funded South Pointe streetscape improvements; and (2) West Avenue streetscape improvements needs to be completed earlier and coordinated with FDOT Alton Road improvements (2000-2001).

    Bernice Martinez stated that she is a resident of West Avenue and that because of all the current construction inderway along the street that immediate attention needs to be paid to it. She explained that traffic calming. repaving, sewer and drainage improvemnets are needed.

    ACTION:John Mallah made a motion to move up the construction time for improvements for West Avenue as long as the improvements are coordinated with FDOT Alton Road improvement project. Leonard Wien seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

    Commissioner Dermer invited the public to comment on other projects:

    Normandy Isle Park Pool:

    Sean Leyden commented on the Normandy Park Pool improvements. He expressed concern about required fees for pool usage.

    Palm Island Park Tennis Court Lights

    Paul Fausnight stated that residents of Palm Island want to have the tennis court lighting installed at Palm Island Park. Commissioner Dermer assured him that the lights will be installed.

    10th Street Auditorium

    Randall Robinson discussed Oceanfront Auditorium. He explained that the facility was built in two parts. The Beach Patrol Headquarters is a historic structure which was built in 1940. The auditorium was added on at a later date. He recommended the following options: (1) to demolish the auditorium and to restore the Beach Patrol Headquarters; or (2) to demolish the auditorium and construct a smaller building which is sympathetic to the architecture of the Beach Patrol Headquarters. The current auditorium is under utilized and its removal would provide needed park land.

    Frank Del Vecchio expressed concern about whether there is money budgeted for the renovation of the auditorium. He also stated that there is no clear program for its use. He recommended that the Administration provide current and potential uses for the facility.

    ACTION:Victor Varela made a motion to hold funding, except for paying consultants, for the 10th Street Auditorium until more information is obtained regarding its use. Mike Rotbart seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously appoved.

    It was requested that the Administration provide cost estimates for design/engineering consultants at the August 7, 2000 meeting. The report should include the fee structure.

    Ericka Brigham stated that the 10th Street Auditorium should be considered as an interim site for the day care facility while the 6th Street Community Center is under construction. She also expressed concern about the future location of the Art Deco Welcome Center which is housed in the Auditorium.

    South Pointe Park:

    Ms. Brigham also reported that South Pointe Park needs separate pedestrian/bikeway/rollerblade paths. She expressed concern about the baywalk connection and that there is a missing link at the Alaska parcel.

    Randolph Reich stated that he has unclear about the role of the North Beach Task Force.

    ACTION:Margueritte Ramos Herrera made a motion to accept the G.O. Bond Program portion of the Capital Improvement Plan. Leonard Wien seconded the motion.

    Frank Del Vecchio suggested an amendment to the motion which would rephrase the motion to read " Accept the G.O. Bond Program portion of the neighborhood reports as a framework for developing projects." The Committee voted on the motion, John Mallah, Roberto Datorre and Mike Rotbart voted against the motion. The motion carried.

    Mike Rotbart expressed concern that the Committee did not have the authority to approve Stormwater or Water and Wastewater Bond projects.

    Frank Del Vecchio stated that the Committee should endorse the G.O. Bond projects in the nieghborhood reports as a Aframework' in order to proceed with planning.

    John Mallah stated that the Committee should not accept the report because the report integrates stormwater and water/wastewater bond projects with G.O. Bond projects.

    He suggested that the Adminsitration should prepare a report which would only include G.O. Bond projects and costs for those projects, independent of any stormwater or water/wastewater projects.

    7. New Business

    Maintenance Issue:

    The Committee expressed concern about maintenance costs for new projects. There had been an idea presented at a prior meeting regarding creating a foundation to assist with park/open space maintenance. Lawrence Levy stated that projects were being designed with maintenance in mind. Also, he had sent a Letter to Commission regarding establishing a parks and beaches endowment. The endowmnet would receive funding from a percentage of gate revenue from any gated event on public property. At this time the city receives 10% from concession revenues. Commissioner Dermer requested that this ordinance be presented to the Oversight Committee.

    Selection Committee:

    Mike Brazlavsky recommended that architects should be placed on selection committeee to review R.F.P.'s.

    ACTION: Roberto Datorre made a moton to appoint one architect to each of the selection committees to review and rank R.F.P.'s. John Mallah seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

    Extension of Redevelopment Authority:

    Frank Del Vecchio recommended that the RDA should be extended to 2016. Commissioner Dermer opposed this recommendation.

    Next Committee Meeting:

    Commissioner Dermer announced that a G.O. Bond Oversight Committee meeting will be held on August 7, 2000.

    The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

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