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    Permit fees are established by the City Commission pursuant to City Ordinance 2015-3979 and 2015-3980. Permits, inspections and other fees of the City of Miami Beach Building Department are levied and imposed and shall apply to Building, Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical permits and other activities undertaken by the Building Department.

      For the Building Department Fee Schedule, please refer to Ordinances No. 2015-3979 and No. 2015-3980. 

    REFUND POLICY:  All refunds will be made payable to the Property Owner of record listed in the permitting system.   


    General Information
    Refunds will not be granted on the following requests:
    • Permit fee of $100.00 or less
    • Permits which have expired
    • Permits under which work has commenced
    • Permits revoked by the Building Official or cancelled by court order 
    Change of contractor  

     Refunds Where Permits will not be used:

    A refund will be given minus the following non-refundable fees as indicated in the City of Miami Beach Fee Guide:

     Upfront fee Miami Dade County Code Compliance State of Florida Radon

    Refunds must meet the following conditions:

    • Submission of a Permit Cancellation Request Form
    • Submission of a Permit Refund Request Form from the permit holder within one year from date of payment
    • No work was performed under the permit
    • The permit is valid
    • The permit has not been revoked
    • The cost of the permit exceeds $100.00

    Refunds for Overcharge:

    Refunds of an overcharge of permit fees must meet the following conditions:

    • Submission of a Permit Refund Request form from the permit holder explaining the overcharge
    • The permit is still valid
    • The permit has not been revoked

    Click here download the Permit Refund Request Form.

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